Tips To Get You Started With A Car Purchase

There is a lot of stress attached to the car purchasing process. There are endless numbers of vehicles to consider, and it is normal to feel overwhelmed. This article is packed with practical tips and advice that should help to smooth the car-buying process. Ask the car dealer to show you a … [Read more...]

Toyota Cars – Best Choice for New Car Comparison

Buying a new car takes a lot of time for those who want to get the best quality of vehicle for the price and overall value. That's because many cars look great at first and come with some extras, but they don't offer the same quality that will last for over a 10 years. Toyota vehicles have been … [Read more...]

Toyota Car Reviews – Toyota Avalon Special Offers

As 2013 reaches its halfway mark, car enthusiasts are looking forward to the all new 2014 lineups for their favorite manufacturers. Many vehicles are getting entirely new redesigns that will provide for better handling, engine performance, smart interior features and safety. This year there have … [Read more...]

Toyota’s Tiny Car Films Street Views That Google Missed

Google isn't the all-powerful Internet god we once thought it was. While taking street view pictures and videos all over the world, they encountered a small problem. Their street view cars couldn't fit in many of the narrow streets of Belgium and other European nations. The solution to this small … [Read more...]

Did Toyota Encourage Daihatsu Europe Pull Out?

Daihatsu will withdraw from all European markets by January 2013 because of the continuing strength of the Yen the company has announced.   There are currently no cars in stock at dealerships, and importer International Motors says it is unlikely that any more will be imported between now and the … [Read more...]

The New 2010 Toyota Prius

Guest post written by John: his day job involves selling patio heaters and desk fans, but he sincerely wishes he had a career involving cars. The Toyota Prius is one of the most famous cars on the planet. Not for its performance or its styling, but because it was the first ever mass-produced … [Read more...]

Toyota apologizes – Honda sells

With a long face, Toyota President Akio Toyoda apologised for the big mess which was made by the global recall of more than 400.000 hybrid models for the problems with the anti-lock breaking systems. Many of the recalled cars are the popular model Toyota Prius. This is unexpected gift for Honda … [Read more...]