The New 2010 Toyota Prius

Guest post written by John: his day job involves selling patio heaters and desk fans, but he sincerely wishes he had a career involving cars. The Toyota Prius is one of the most famous cars on the planet. Not for its performance or its styling, but because it was the first ever mass-produced … [Read more...]

Are hybrids on the dead track?

Few decades ago in the time with a rising fuel prices, the automotive companies were looking for some new paradigms in the developing of a new generation of cars which will be less dependent on fuel and classical energy sources. New concepts were developed like hybrid cars, hydrogen cars and … [Read more...]

Who killed the hybrid car? Volkswagen Polo did!

Many readers, at least the readers which are familiar with the clean transport technologies will say that the headline is not very original and they are right. The headline is famous and in the original is “Who killed the electric car”. The movie with the same name was about the electric cars which … [Read more...]

Toyota apologizes – Honda sells

With a long face, Toyota President Akio Toyoda apologised for the big mess which was made by the global recall of more than 400.000 hybrid models for the problems with the anti-lock breaking systems. Many of the recalled cars are the popular model Toyota Prius. This is unexpected gift for Honda … [Read more...]

2010 Toyota Prius tested and won the battle against her competitors

Toyota Prius is one brilliant piece of engineering. Maybe that’s why German journalists couldn’t wait to get their hands of the new model of Toyota Prius, fresh from the production line. World famous German magazine AutoBild has done the test and they compared several important aspects such as … [Read more...]