5 Tips for Protecting Your Eyes From Glare When You Drive

We all need to get from point A to point B, but there's always that obstacle in the way that wants to make it just a little tougher than it needs to be for us to do that. Plenty of barriers can stand between you and a nice, soothing drive to your destination, and then sun can be just one of them. … [Read more...]

Having an Extra pair of Sunglasses

There has always been an extra place for additional pair of sunglasses. No harm done if two or three pair of Rimless Glasses, Reglaze Glasses, Prescription Sunglasses Online or Prescription Glasses. Maybe the only thing you will lose by having extra pair of glasses is the money; but looking it in a … [Read more...]

Why wearing original brand of Sunglasses?

Every time we go out shopping, danger lurks weather original product will get in our way. Well that depends on whether you go shopping. If the destination is a famous mall full of original brand merchandise, then there is nothing to fear. I’m sure that rent there does not come cheap, and only … [Read more...]

Glasses – get them fixed or get new ones

Reglaze glasses might sound not so convenient to you since for approximately the same cost you could get a pair of new glasses. If you think that way, then just give up – reglaze your glasses is not what you really need. However, if you have paid a lot for your frames and are too dear to you to give … [Read more...]

Health or style? Why choose when you can have both?

Prescription glasses are the piece of accessory which is obligatory for many people. Yes, sadly, but true, more than a third, or to be more precise, something less than a half of the young population suffers from a vision anomaly and is obliged to wear glasses to save the quality of their vision, … [Read more...]

Sunglasses, need or fashion

Do you know how any models and types of sunglasses are offered every day on the market? There is a giant fashion industry for sunglasses design and production, who offered day by day new models and styles. Nobody knows how many designs are offered and how many styles are on the market. But there … [Read more...]

Drivewear for the Summer

It is highly reasonable that you wear sunglasses during the summer. Hot summer sun with minimal clouds to shadow it, makes a definite need for eye protection. That is why they call them sunglasses, right? Summer days are ideal for a road trip with rainy-free days, bluest sky and clear landscapes … [Read more...]

Separate Pair of Glasses for Driving

Like clothes, people don’t stick only to one pair of glasses. Weather they are for sunlight protection or eyesight improvement; there are no “negative points” for having more than just one pair of glasses. Adding certain style in your driving experience gives a persona to the way you fit with your … [Read more...]

Style, medical correction and a wallet full of money with just one pair of eyeglasses

Eyewear, at first sight a rather small word, yet hiding many functions and kinds behind it. The piece of accessory we simply cannot make it without. Whether we are talking about necessity, medical vision correction, fashion or a fragment of a person’s unique image, there has never been a decent … [Read more...]

Glasses and sunglasses world!

Centuries back, the glasses are inseparable part of everyday living. They are accessories by which the sense of sight is improved, or protected then there is too much light, dust and even too much snow. As they are used for many purposes, glasses come in different shapes. When it comes to … [Read more...]