Self Driving Car Bill Passes Senate in California

The California State Senate passed a bill this week allowing Google's self-driving car to be tested on public roads. The bill sets regulations for conditions all autonomous vehicles would have to meet to be allowed on the roads. The bill must first pass through the state's Assembly next month before … [Read more...]

Nevada Issues License for Google’s Self-Driving Car

Google's self-driving car has become the Prius heard 'round the world, and it continues to make headlines with its ever-escalating antics. Google, for its part, has got a lot of irons in the fire, including a mobile phone handset, a branded laptop, a cloud storage system, and even their own social … [Read more...]

Continental’s Self Driving Car Furthest Along in Race to Be Road Ready

For better or worse, the age of the self guided car is rapidly approaching. The technology comes to little surprise with a healthy dose of controversy. After all, there are plenty of us out there who enjoy the feel of driving and would rather not see that pleasure obscured by cars with their own … [Read more...]