5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Rims for Your Car

Automotive enthusiasts are always looking for ways to make their vehicle more uniquely their own. From customized plates to unconventional paint colors, the details you give your vehicle set it apart from the thousands of others just like it on the road. And since your car is quite often an … [Read more...]

Accessorize Your Ride

Having a nice car is one thing, whether it’s a vintage Caddy or a brand new Benz.  But if you haven’t pimped your ride, it’s really nothing special (no, beaded seat covers and a skull shifter do not count).  And with so many cars playing on mainstream look-alike appeal, you could end up in the … [Read more...]

Chrome Rim

Do I need a chrome rim? The best and easiest way to make your car looks cool is to get some cool and hot chrome rims. Chrome rim looks hot on any car. No matter do you have some hot $50.000 sport car or just an old $500 beetle the chrome rim is what you need to make your car a honey … [Read more...]