Hand Tool Calibration & Repair

Every hardworking person knows how important tools are. When we start with our business as repair man or technical service provider we need a specific tools in order to finish our job in a fast, high quality and professional manner. Many people who are using tools in their every day job knows that … [Read more...]

Thread Plug Gauges – Basics

What are Thread Plug Gauges? Thread Plug Gauges is an inspection tool which can be used to check a part or workpiece against allowed tolerances. This gauges has two tests which the part need to pass the first of the tests and fail for the second test. That is the reason why this inspection tools … [Read more...]

Different Types of Car Lifts

Car lifts can be found in all vehicle repair shops and in home garages across the globe. A car lift is a device that is used to raise a car up off the ground to allow access to the underneath compartment of a vehicle. There are both hydraulic and electric versions of the car lift. The electric one … [Read more...]