BMW is it a revolutionises of hybrid cars

The automotive industry is one of the most responsive of all businesses when it comes to adopting technological advances and developments. You only have to compare a pre-2000 model car from any manufacturer to one that rolls off the production line today to see just how much things have changed in … [Read more...]

Porsche Working on Panamera Plug in Hybrid for 2014

German auto producer Porsche Panamera spoke out recently about their new plug in hybrid set to debut in North American in 2014. Currently, Porsche has the petrol-electric hybrid on the market along with the Cayenne Hybrid. Sources confirm that they have their finger on the pulse of tomorrow's … [Read more...]

The State of the Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma, the latest in plug-in hybrid luxury sedans, has faced a blizzard of negative press lately because of a teensy mention in Consumer Reports that set off a national furor. The report told readers how a model purchased for review had died and was subsequently towed back to the dealer. … [Read more...]

Does the Chevy Volt Still Have a Future?

Sometimes, even the grandest of executed plans have their challenges. Take the Chevy Volt, for instance. If you've never seen this sleek plug-in hybrid, it really is a great modern-looking car. The reports on its performance are good and the design is considered to be highly-innovative. And yet, … [Read more...]

Hyundai i-flow Concept Diesel Hybrid Sports Cars

We are witnessing the emerging of the new generation of cars. The new Hyundai i-flow is a powerful car concept with an imaginative and magic exterior, wise engineering under the hood and in the unbelievable beautiful car interior. At the 2010 Geneva motor show debut, Hyundai i-flow gets the … [Read more...]

2009 Honda Insight – Attack of the clones?

Is it Prius…? Is it Insight…? Is it some updated model of Toyota Prius or is it the brand new Honda Insight? Is this Toyota Prius brought by the competition at the Insight presentation? The presentation of the new Honda Insight, start with these questions in my mind. Probably if you like to … [Read more...]