Mercedes Debuted Three Electric Vehicles at the Paris Auto Show

Sustainability has never been more popular a focus among individuals and manufacturers alike. More and more attention is being turned towards making things that will help our environment now and keep everything the way it is in the future. From solar panels, to green homebuilding, to innovations in … [Read more...]

Pope Benedict Blessed by Renault With First Electric Car

The office of the Pope has long been accompanied by various modes of transportation, a situation that is not too surprising when you consider just how much travel the position calls for. He not only flies back and forth between the Vatican and his private residence (by helicopter, no less), but he … [Read more...]

Are Electric Cars Catching Up?

Electric cars are seen by some as saviours on our roads. Their “green” credentials make them an attractive proposition for the environmentally-conscious, as their carbon emissions are virtually zero. But they are still a long way from becoming mainstream for a number of reasons. The mechanics of … [Read more...]

The World Goes Electric, Electric Cars Revolution

The green revolution in the automotive industry has to begin. This has been understood not only by the environmentalists but also by car manufacturers, and even more importantly, by the governments of many countries. More and more people are aware of the need to reduce the CO2 emissions. It seems … [Read more...]