Unveil The Best Features Of Mazda-3

Technology keeps on advancing and recently there has been the introduction of the Mazda-3. The introduction of the Mazda-3 has resulted in the boosting of the company's sales by 30%. There has been much improvements in the auto industry all geared towards enhancing the efficiency by reducing all the … [Read more...]

Easy ways to save on car expenses

Every part of your budget presents the potential for savings, but so many people pour unnecessary money into buying a car, much less maintaining and driving one, that it's usually dead simple to cut your car costs.  Judicious pruning of your car expenses can keep you on the road while limiting the … [Read more...]

Complications Impact Car Accident Claims

Car accidents carry enough personal strife to go around, but sometimes special circumstances heap the grief on further.  The ramifications of road accidents are far-reaching, resulting in loss of vehicle use, expensive repair needs, and in the worst cases, personal injuries.  Routine fender benders … [Read more...]

What Your Auto Insurance Won’t Cover

Car insurance can be a very useful thing to own for all divers. In fact, it is so useful that some localities have laws mandating that all drivers own car insurance.  Indeed, it can give you the medical coverage and ability you need to care for your car in a variety of different accident situations … [Read more...]

5 Car Trouble Symptoms You Should Know

Next to a home, buying a car is often the largest investment you'll ever make. Cars serve so many purposes in our lives. They are our roving offices, our concert halls, our restaurants and our memory makers. But they can't be any of those things if they aren't able to get us from point A to point B. … [Read more...]

No More Driver’s Licenses by 2040?

Over the past two years stories about autonomous cars have been popping up with more and more frequency. Several different auto manufacturers have been developing self-driving vehicles, with GM, BMW, Audi and a Toyota/Google partnership leading the way. It no longer seems the stuff of science … [Read more...]

75 Percent of Drivers Find Car Tech a Dangerous Distraction

Now isn't this a twist? As technology is constantly evolving and at a time where we are right on the brink of having self-driving vehicles on the road, a recent survey has revealed that some of the "assistance" that our car's computers are offering are doing a bit more harm than good. At least in … [Read more...]

Top Winter Driving Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Would you know what to do? Your car has just hit a patch of black ice on the highway and you go into a skid. Or, you are stranded because your car is stuck in the snow. These are hazards that we all could potentially face when the weather turns cold and we must be prepared. Pack More Than … [Read more...]

Safe ride always equals enjoyable ride

When driving, seeing things clearly saves lives. If, by some reason your sight has been partially damages, a high-quality piece of eyewear could solve the problem in a blink of an eye. When you are taking a driving test, you will have to report about your vision problem and wear the glasses all the … [Read more...]