Cars of the Famous Soccer Players

Imagine this situation. You are driving your Peugeot 308 on the streets of London, listening to one of the local radio stations or a CD in your car, when you get cut off by nothing less than a Ferrari 458 Italia. It takes you a moment to recover from the shock, when, at the traffic light, another … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Car to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

It's Halloween time again, and as usual we’re all waiting to see if this year is the year the zombies finally rise up and take over the earth. In that unlikely eventuality, Tilsun have produced this infographic looking at the best and worst vehicles for surviving the zombie apocalypse: … [Read more...]

Do Zombies Need Car Insurance?

Life as a zombie has its ups and downs. On the one hand you are already dead and therefore don't have to worry too much about the prospect of dying, but on the other a diet of raw brains can get rather repetitive after a while. So how can you make life a bit more interesting? The answer is easy: … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Learning to Drive a Manual Transmission Car

If you learned to drive in a car with automatic transmission, or if you're just learning now, the thought of working with a manual transmission could very well be terrifying. The stick shift car takes a lot more work to drive than the automatic one, where you basically throw it in 'drive' and head … [Read more...]

Saving Energy Solution: Electric Cars

Do we live in a Renaissance period in the Field of Electric Cars? Yes! Of course! Over 2 billion vehicles on the roads? Yes, this will happen very soon. It is not surprise anymore to hear that the transportation sector has a huge impact of the petroleum consumption and the CO2 emissions. And this … [Read more...]

Futuristic self-driving Cars!

Are we on at the threshold of an era of futuristic cars, which we used to see only in the science fiction movies and cartoons?! The answer is: yes, we are! The beginning of the so-called driver-less cars era is in the early 1930s. The first representation of this kind of car was at 1939 on the … [Read more...]

Can cars ever be a good investment

When you buy a new car, you need to be aware that it will decrease in value as soon as you drive out of the showroom. In fact, your car is worth 20% less as soon as you leave the dealership. It is highly unlikely that you will get back the same sum of money for the purchased new or second-hand car, … [Read more...]

Custom Garage Design for Car Collectors

One of the biggest concerns for car collectors is adequate garage space for storage and maintenance. No serious collector would ever consider leaving his or her cars out on the street; the risk of damage or theft is too high and the exposure to the elements will degrade cars from the outside in over … [Read more...]

Mercedes Debuted Three Electric Vehicles at the Paris Auto Show

Sustainability has never been more popular a focus among individuals and manufacturers alike. More and more attention is being turned towards making things that will help our environment now and keep everything the way it is in the future. From solar panels, to green homebuilding, to innovations in … [Read more...]

Tips for Getting the Most Money When You Sell Your Car

The time has come to get rid of your trusty vehicle and move on to bigger and better things. It's been a beautiful relationship, but now your primary goal is to sell your car for the most money possible. Even though you no longer want your car, you can surely find someone who will happily take it … [Read more...]