Saab suspends all warranty coverage cars to be sold as-is

Saab suspends all warranty coverage cars to be sold as-is. Recently there was a leaked memo form Saab to its dealers obtained by our web site friends that the bankrupt automaker is ceasing all warranty coverage on its vehicles in North America. This memo was sent recently after the … [Read more...]

The 9-5 Aero XWD is Set to Revitalize Saab

Remember when the Saab was cool?  There was time, not so long ago, when these boxy little Swedish automobiles were the status symbol an entire generation of the young and upwardly mobile (less expensive than a beamer and so much better than dad’s old clunker hand-me-down).  Since then, they have … [Read more...]

Saab Resumes Independent Production, Workers and Supporters Happy

Saab is one of the most neglected premium car brands in the world. Maybe they need some good marketing and sales agents, but Saab cars are well known for their quality, reliability and premium feel for years, but only to car enthusiasts. They need to convince large mass of people, and for that they … [Read more...]