The History of Driver Education

When it comes to driver education, there are many schools to choose from.  But have you ever wondered about the history surrounding this education course?  Many people have and aren’t sure where to turn to look for answers.  Below is a brief history on driver education and the reason why most people … [Read more...]

4 Safest Cities for Cyclists in the U.S.

4 Safest Cities for Cyclists in the US With rising gas prices, climate change and bike paths popping up in cities all of the country, biking more just makes sense. Riding a bicycle can save you time and money, improve your health, and reduce your footprint. No more sitting in traffic and paying … [Read more...]


Road safety is a major issue in the UK, with thousands of car-related fatalities every year. But how do we compare with the rest of the world when it comes to car fatalities? What causes the most deaths? Which age groups are most likely to be involved in a fatal accident? To answer these … [Read more...]

Futuristic self-driving Cars!

Are we on at the threshold of an era of futuristic cars, which we used to see only in the science fiction movies and cartoons?! The answer is: yes, we are! The beginning of the so-called driver-less cars era is in the early 1930s. The first representation of this kind of car was at 1939 on the … [Read more...]

What is MOT test?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport and therefore MOT test is the ministry of transport annual test of the automobile safety, exhaust emissions aspects and the road worthiness of the vehicle. MOT test needs to be done for all vehicles which are more than three years old. MOT test is required in the … [Read more...]

75 Percent of Drivers Find Car Tech a Dangerous Distraction

Now isn't this a twist? As technology is constantly evolving and at a time where we are right on the brink of having self-driving vehicles on the road, a recent survey has revealed that some of the "assistance" that our car's computers are offering are doing a bit more harm than good. At least in … [Read more...]

Driverless Cars Now Street Legal in California

Stories have been creeping out in newspapers and on the internet for the better part of a year now, whispering about the progress being made in the development of self-driving vehicles. Many automotive manufacturers have been steadily working on adding some autonomous functionality to future … [Read more...]

Talking Smart Cars Begin One Year Test Aimed at Reducing Accidents

No, the powers that be in Hollywood aren't rebooting Knight Rider again. Automobiles are slated to be the next home gadget to get an intelligence upgrade. Next generation "Smart" Cars, promised to the American public for over a decade, are finally entering the final phase of testing. These vehicles … [Read more...]

What Type of Gas is Right For My Car?

If you have been an automobile owner for any length of time, you have most likely stood at the pump and wondered what kind of gas to put in your car. What type of gas is right for your car? Does it matter if I skimp a little when times are tight and put a lower octane level in my tank? Or do I buy … [Read more...]

The Essential Winter Car Checklist for Safe Driving in Snowy Weather

The Essential Winter Car Checklist for Safe Driving in Snowy Weather Have you had your winter car check yet? No?! What are you waiting for, getting snowed in? Christmas is almost upon us, and those of us who live in colder climates know all about the beauty of this immaculate season. … [Read more...]