The Frugal Biker: A Realistic Perspective on “Economical” Transportation

Many is the man who has rationalised the purchase of a motorbike to his wife (or himself) by proclaiming how economical it would be, but we all know that a rationalisation is all it is. The real reasons are more fundamental and deep-seated. But if you do choose to offer the rationalisation, you … [Read more...]

The Ten Best Motorcycle Luggage Products

If you prefer riding to travelling, then you know the importance of biker gear like luggage. Why? There comes a time when you have to travel for long distances, and you need to carry some stuff like food and clothes with you. Here are the ten best luggage products that will help you do this … [Read more...]

Ducati – the story behind the brand

Ducati has become one of the most known motorcycle companies over the years. If you want speed and style (and who doesn’t) you think of Ducati!! After all they are the same people that gave you Lamborghinis. But do you know how the Ducati name started and how it became so famous? My guess … [Read more...]

Grandfather old Motorbikes

What you have in your old grandfather garage can make you a fortune. Probably this first sentence is showing what is this article about. And this is not only the article but real story. Few years ago one of my friends inherited a small farm some few hundred miles up north. He was not so excited … [Read more...]

Set Your Sights: Here Come the World’s Most Expensive Motorbikes

With the recession dragging on, a lot of people are opting to non-op gas-guzzling automobiles and go with their lighter-weight (and less expensive) counterparts: motorcycles.  These two-wheeled transporters can not only split lanes, saving you time in traffic, they can also go further on a lot less … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Salvage – a rebirth driving spirit

Driving on the road off the urban areas is more than just a transport need. Other than traveling to another city, for business or pleasure, the experience of driving down the road is one of a kind. There are many people that believe that they belong on the road. With distance in front of them, no … [Read more...]

Meeting Your Maker On A Motorbike

What’s the appeal of a motorbike?  I confess, I have never ridden one, although I was involved in the marketing campaign for the newly re-launched Norton Brand some years ago.  Steve McQueen famously found riding a bike a drug. He used a TT Special 650 Triumph painted olive drab to make it look like … [Read more...]

My motorcycle and me – speedy adventure

I am looking at my motorcycle. Not actuallyit's parked a 10-minute walk away but in my mind, where it's as clear as the memory of my childhood home. I see the speedometer, which has registered 100 miles per hour many times. I glance at the tachometer, taking note of the 7500-rpm mark, where … [Read more...]

BMW to recall more than 6,500 motorcycles due to faulty breaks

Approximately 6,600 motorcycles were affected and are due to be recalled. Luckily for BMW there have been no recorded accidents or fatalities that have been caused by the break problem directly. However according to them, a small number of complaints were received. BMW S 1000 RR … [Read more...]