Kia Ceed 1.4 CRDI – Korean with German Origin

Wanting to please European buyers and to come into play in the most selling segment on the old continent, Kia has created the Ceed’s model. And didn’t wrong because it was accepted great, with a quality level as European models, even better perhaps. This is second generation of Ceed’s  model and … [Read more...]

KIA To Launch Sportier Cars

KIA to Launch Sportier Cars Bringing improvements and updates in newly produced cars is essential for every car company. Hyoung Keun Lee, KIA’s CEO plans on launching cars with a sportier look and performance, as he stated in an interview. In order to refresh the reputation of the company, he said … [Read more...]

Kia Carens 2013

You are buying a new car and you don`t know whether to choose the top stylish car or the useful automobile that will fulfill your needs? Well, here is the perfect solution for you: the new Kia Carens. It guarantees you both style and function. Like many other cars, Kia Carens will be presented … [Read more...]

Kia Ray EV is the first electric vehicle form Kia

Kia Ray EV is the first electric vehicle form Kia. From Kia Motors comes the first electric vehicle form Korea. It comes with the launch of the new Kia Ray EV. This is a new zero-emissions city car with lively performance and it spouse to have 139 km (86 miles) on a single charge. They … [Read more...]

How You Can Benefit From Leasing Kia Cars

How You Can Benefit From Leasing Kia Cars One of the most cost-effective and stress-free ways to acquire a new Kia is to take part in Kia leasing. Most people would think that purchasing one outright is the ideal way to go about getting one but actually more people are turning towards leasing … [Read more...]

Kia Ray with the first official images

Kia Ray with the first official images. From Kia Motors we have received the new and first official images of its all-new Kia Ray compact vehicle. This car is specially made for the Korean home market. This new Kia Ray city car is made to give the consumers economical motoring and a … [Read more...]

Kia GT is a new rear-wheel drive concept

Kia GT is a new rear-wheel drive concept. After the recent leak form Kia about the GT concept, Kia decided to go out with some more details. Form the looks of the car we can see Kia’s new styling direction. The car futures a unique front fascia, copper window trim and unique front … [Read more...]

Kia Rio priced from 13600USD

Kia Rio priced from 13600USD. This week we have some amazing news from Kia. They just went out with the price for the 2012 Rio 5-door model and the tag will be placed at just $13.600, and adding an extra $750 for destination fee. For such low price you can get a car with automatic … [Read more...]

Kia Rio 3-door model at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

Kia Rio 3-door model at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. The all-new Kia Rio 5-door hatchback is arriving in dealer showrooms across Europe and gets planty of positive media coverage around the world Kia diced to make the best of 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show and go and present the also all-new … [Read more...]

Kia Picanto the all-new cool city car

Kia Picanto the all-new cool city car. After launching the all new Picanto announced like the city car, Kia has made a decision to introduce yet another Pinkanto, the 3-door version. This is for the first time since the model that appeared in 2004. This 3-door … [Read more...]