Nissan will introduce a new hatchback

Golf and Focus will no longer be the only competitors in the hatchback market since the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is planning on producing a new mid-sized vehicle. The name is still not known and it is said to be manufactured in Sunderland UK. The specifications of the new model are … [Read more...]

The Multifunctional 2013 Honda CR-Z (US-Version)

Honda manufacturer will release yet another great car model on November 21, 2012 – the Honda CR-Z for the US market. This strong automobile is refined with newer design, but most importantly with a Lithium-Ion battery pack for powerful experience. The 16-inch alloy wheels received a newer … [Read more...]

Honda N-one (2013)

Japan will be the first country to witness the launching and manufacturing of the third vehicle of Honda`s N-Series- Honda N-one. What are the basic characteristics of the Honda N-one model? It is similar to the mini-passenger car produced in 1967 only enhanced. It incorporates the M/M … [Read more...]

Honda and Proton start working together

The Japanese public multinational corporation primarily known as car manufacturer Honda and the Malaysian automobile manufacturer Proton joined forces with the purpose of developing new line of automobiles of the future. Japan`s third best car manufacturer Honda has decided to make a partnership … [Read more...]

Toyota is ascending the throne

The year 2011 did not seem to be successful for Toyota since it was ranked as third in the car manufacturing industry. General Motors and Volkswagen took the lead. However, the new year seems to bring happiness and power to Toyota since it has regained the 1st position in the car manufacturing … [Read more...]

Mazda RX-7 will use wankel-powered engine

Do you know which is the first Wankel-powered vehicle ever produced by Mazda? Remember the Cosmo Sport 110S from 1967? Well, Mazda plans a surprise for all car lovers around the world- the new Mazda RX-7 which will be powered by a rotary engine and is expected to launch in 2017. It is said … [Read more...]

Nissan Supersizes the 2013 Altima

Nissan has been making incredibly reliable and trustworthy cars for many a decade, at this point. The Japanese automotive titan, also known as Nissan Motor Company Ltd, has had its hands in the creation of some of the best and most popular cars that have ever set rubber to pavement. The company … [Read more...]

The New Honda Fit Car Specifically for Women

Today's automotive industry is more crowded than ever before. The addition of hybrid and electric vehicles to the marketplace has only given car manufacturers more models to tout, as opposed to replacing anything. In America you can purchase a car of any shape and size, with colors and option … [Read more...]

Get a Brilliant Hatchback with Mazda 2 Deals

Mazda is a global name when it comes to providing innovation with incredible design. One of Japan’s largest automobile manufacturers, they have produced some iconic models over the decades that have been real winners in the marketplace. One such popular car of theirs is the Mazda 2, a graceful … [Read more...]

Toyota Prius with full hybrid technology

Toyota Prius with full hybrid technology. The most recognizable product to feature Toyota's full hybrid powertrain design is the Prius. They have made some other new full hybrid technology models in this segment like the Auris Hybrid and Yaris Hybrid and still Prius remains the … [Read more...]