Tata Nano Available on the Indian Market

Tata Nano is already in the Tata Motors India distribution network and from April 1.2010 it can be find in the authorized outlets. Although in the limited numbers it is already a symbol for the Motorization of the every Indian family. The new factory is on the way and will be finished this year (in … [Read more...]

India’s and World’s cheapest car Tata Nano in Flames

Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world and it was a Tata Motors Company biggest threat to the automotive competition in India, but also in the world. But probably cheap price tag of $2.500 comes with a price. And that price is the safety of Tata Nano. There are at least three and probably four, … [Read more...]

Tata Motors history

Tata Motors history is one of the most interesting successful industrial tales ever told in the automotive world. Tata Motors Limited is one of the largest India automotive companies with annual last year turnover of $14 billions. Today Tata Motors Limited is the absolute leader in commercial … [Read more...]

2010 Ford Figo in March

After the test assembly, the first serial Ford Figo is going to hit the Indian market in March. With this model Ford is planning to become one of the big players in India and not only the “exotic” brand with less than a small piece of the market. … [Read more...]