Unveil The Best Features Of Mazda-3

Technology keeps on advancing and recently there has been the introduction of the Mazda-3. The introduction of the Mazda-3 has resulted in the boosting of the company's sales by 30%. There has been much improvements in the auto industry all geared towards enhancing the efficiency by reducing all the … [Read more...]


Road safety is a major issue in the UK, with thousands of car-related fatalities every year. But how do we compare with the rest of the world when it comes to car fatalities? What causes the most deaths? Which age groups are most likely to be involved in a fatal accident? To answer these … [Read more...]

An Exposé – The Top 10 Motorcycling Myths

There is a common belief that there is immense power in the spoken word. If you're in the habit of saying something more often, regardless of whether it’s a joke or not, eventually your world will be aligned to this point of view. This is a fact that has been used over the ages by politicians, TV … [Read more...]

Measuring Tools for Your Garage

Do you run a car garage or you are planing to enter this business? If this is the case you need to know that car garages are serious business. You not only need to have a space to build your garage, but also you need all kind of tools and machines which will help you to professionally and … [Read more...]

10 Of The Best Car Movies Of All Time

Speed! Drama! Explosions! The tyre-smoking, piston-pumping, adrenalin-fuelled appeal of car-themed movies is beyond doubt. Cars and films go together like petrol and open flames. So, without further ado... our top ten automotive classics from the big screen: 1. The Driver (1978) The … [Read more...]

UK new car sales

U.K. new car sales continue to grow Today U.K. is the second biggest car market in Europe, right behind Germany. New car registrations in U.K. continue to defy economic gloom and rise by 11.3% in the last month. New car registrations in U.K. have now risen for every month since March, helping … [Read more...]

How to change a tyre yourself

Changing a tyre can seem daunting when you suddenly need to do it and you've never done it before but is actually fairly easy if you have the right tools. The first thing you need to do is to find somewhere safe and stable to change the tyre. It needs to be level so avoid hills or soft grass or … [Read more...]

Step by step drawing cars

Drawing is a fun way of fulfilling your leisure time and if you can make some money from it, then it is even more pleasing. If you like cars and want to learn how to draw them, there are a couple of steps that you can follow: First, start from the outline. Draw a small rectangle for the top … [Read more...]