6 New And Semi-New Cars Ideal For Gas-Saving Road Trips

Picking one car that has everything you desire and need for your family road trips usually boil down to what you can afford. Because you're traveling with precious cargo - your family - safety and security are often at the top of the checklist for cars. Then comes comfort. The American pastime is … [Read more...]

U.S. is the Leader of Green Truck Industry

In January 2009 President Obama declared strong support for initiatives that aim to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases blamed for global warming. As a part of his green stimulus package, he assigned $2.4 billion for loans and grants to companies investing in the development of … [Read more...]

2013 BMW sporty diesel electric hybrid, review, price

Not so long time ago, when I was big fan of submarines I learned the fact that the best conventional propulsion for this submersibles is the diesel electric engines/motors. Now the Germans are going to try to dominate the world again and guess what? They are going to use the same proven recipe like … [Read more...]

Are hybrids on the dead track?

Few decades ago in the time with a rising fuel prices, the automotive companies were looking for some new paradigms in the developing of a new generation of cars which will be less dependent on fuel and classical energy sources. New concepts were developed like hybrid cars, hydrogen cars and … [Read more...]

Tazzari Zero, New Electric Car in America, price, review, performance

We have already written about some electric vehicles which are going to hit the market in the next 2-3 years like Coda electric car, Doking XD, Pininfarina Bollore BLUECAR and Nissan Leaf. But if you like to drive fully capable electric car now, we would like to inform you about the newest … [Read more...]

Electric vehicles from Tesla and Toyota joint venture

Last week, Tesla Motors, Inc. (Tesla) and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced an intention to cooperate in the further development of electric vehicles, parts, and production system, but also in engineering support. Toyota Motor Corporation will purchase $50 million of Tesla’s common stock … [Read more...]

Why go “Green” with your choice of van

Nowadays it is de rigueur to discuss ‘going green’ with almost any topic imaginable. Here in the UK we have our first ‘Green’ party MP – the first of many I am sure. But in the emotive area of vehicle development, what is the availability of environmentally efficient cars, trucks and vans? With the … [Read more...]

Pininfarina Bollore BLUECAR advanced electric car

Pininfarina and Bollore executives are perfect example of the people who are doing their homework. In this case the homework was done four to five years ago and it consisted of reading some statistics and future projection of the usage cars in Europe (and we can freely say USA too) What statistics … [Read more...]

Oahu island on Hawaii with Hydrogen fueled cars from GM

Suddenly Hawaii becomes very popular and important state in the new emerging transportation technologies. After the Korea based CT&T Co. announced that is going to build an electric vehicles factory in the US state of Hawaii, now GM and the Gas Company announced a plan to bring hydrogen vehicles … [Read more...]

First commercial hydrogen car Toyota Targets $50,000 Price

Toyota Motor Corp is famous by their hybrid cars and likes to continue with their philosophy of a car maker which is the first in the eco friendly technologies. In this moment the most important for Toyota is to make and start to sell the first commercial viable hydrogen car. Toyota's executive … [Read more...]