Futuristic self-driving Cars!

Are we on at the threshold of an era of futuristic cars, which we used to see only in the science fiction movies and cartoons?! The answer is: yes, we are! The beginning of the so-called driver-less cars era is in the early 1930s. The first representation of this kind of car was at 1939 on the … [Read more...]

The Isuzu Rodeo rounds up my vote

It’s hard to make a choice in a saturated market. The automotive market is no different as most manufacturers offer a model to fit into each category. This leaves buyers confused with a plethora of different makers, models and specs that are often confusing. The pickup truck market is no exception … [Read more...]

Luxury Exotic Eco-Friendly Cars

With more and more people looking for ways to clean up the environment by reducing waste and pollution, the last several years have shown a marked growth in the market for eco-friendly vehicles.  From biodiesel to hybrids to fully electric automobiles, there are an astounding number of options these … [Read more...]

Volkswagen XL1 super efficient diesel electric hybrid

Germans just send the message to the oil rich Arab world: - We do not need you anymore! To send this message they choose Qatar Motor Show which was held in Doha the capitol of oil rich country of Qatar from 26 to 29 January. In Qatar, VW - the masters of the diesel technology just launched the … [Read more...]

Top Green Cars

Green cars are the in thing and more and more people are getting in line to get one for themselves. Environmentally friendly green cars are a vital step towards a healthier planet. A great green car means better fuel efficiency (or no reliance on gas at all!), and is cost effective both to purchase … [Read more...]

Who Does The Electric Eco Car Future Belong To?

Mayor Boris Johnson had pledged to install 22,500 electric car charging points across London, with 7,500 in place by 2013 of which 6,000 were to be installed at work places, 500 on the streets, 330 in public car parks, 50 at Tube stations, 140 in supermarket car parks and 120 at car clubs.  This £60 … [Read more...]

Kia Pop Zero Emission Concept Car

Kia Motors, who have become renowned for their innovative concept cars, have announced they will be revealing their all-new electric concept car; the Kia Pop. Although the Korean firm are being remarkably quiet about the exact details of their new machine, which will be displayed at the Paris … [Read more...]

New Vehicles in the Mini Family

The Mini team has been working on a smaller version of the MINI for some time now. Rumor has it, that the concept should be ready for the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in March. Not much information has been revealed yet, but it will probably be a two-seater based on a modified version of an existing … [Read more...]

The T.25 City Car

The T.25 City Car has been recently unveiled by the designer of McLarens F1 sports car; Gordon Murray. The aim of the T.25 is to be the most complete car for easy use in and around the city. A very lightweight and small car the T.25 is set to rival the smart car in the city car market place. Its … [Read more...]

China’s BYD with electric car for the US market

One of the most successful Chinese automotive companies in China - BYD (Build Your Dreams) Auto is going to attack the US auto market with a four-door electric car, which was presented at the last Detroit auto show. BYD e6 will roll out of the assembly plant soon and the first vehicles will be … [Read more...]