Cars of the Famous Soccer Players

Imagine this situation. You are driving your Peugeot 308 on the streets of London, listening to one of the local radio stations or a CD in your car, when you get cut off by nothing less than a Ferrari 458 Italia. It takes you a moment to recover from the shock, when, at the traffic light, another … [Read more...]

Mercedes Eliminates Maybach Brand

Ever since the resuscitation of Daimler AG’s Maybach brand of ultra-luxury car nearly a decade ago, sales have dwindled and profits have been slim, which has forced the company to announce their intention to discontinue it. Instead of searching any longer for a profitable fix for this problem, they … [Read more...]

Maybach Xenatec 57S Coupe based on the Maybach 57S sedan

Maybach Xenatec 57S Coupe based on the Maybach 57S sedan. The conversion of the Maybach 57S Coupe named Cruiseroform was made from the company Xenatec. There is a rumor that the company is bankrupt, but we think that this is not why you stop appreciating their creation. So we want to … [Read more...]

The Approximate Cost of a Used Mercedes

Buying a used Mercedes is never going to be a thing of the past. A Mercedes is a car brand that many people look as the top of the car ‘food-chain’. Its roaring power, stability and driving experience is one of a kind. There are those that ignore the fact that there are other cars on the market and … [Read more...]

California Lemon Law and High End Vehicles

Written by Donald Ladew from Norman Taylor & Associates It seems logical that if you dole out $150,000 for a new high-end rare sports car, you’ve done all you need to do except get the keys. You shouldn’t have to do anything else except have the oil changed now and then and enjoy the wind blowing … [Read more...]

Maybach car, tank, zeppelin, aircraft or Mercedes

A lot of people know nothing about Maybach. Some of them do not know that Maybach is a car. But what we find out about Maybach with some little surfing was really exciting. And because we are good fellows we decide to share with you. Maybach was founded by the German based Zeppelin Company with a … [Read more...]