Pope Benedict Blessed by Renault With First Electric Car

The office of the Pope has long been accompanied by various modes of transportation, a situation that is not too surprising when you consider just how much travel the position calls for. He not only flies back and forth between the Vatican and his private residence (by helicopter, no less), but he … [Read more...]

Renault Twingo featuring new design identity

Renault Twingo featuring new design identity. This is for the first time that we see the brand's new design identity in this range. Presenting the new Renault Twingo. The new Twingo is scheduled to come on sale in early 2012. These new car will future the styling features that were … [Read more...]

Renault Twingo features the new design of Renault

Renault Twingo features the new design of Renault. Truth the new Twingo, Renault puts its new design identity on the market for the first time. The new Renault Twingo is scheduled to go on sale in the spring of 2012, and will incorporate some new design features presented on all the new … [Read more...]

Red Bull and Renault will be partners for five more years

Red Bull and Renault will be partners for five more years. Few have seen the amazing success of the Renault's engines. Form all the teams that provide the engines for the Formula One Renault's engines are one of the best and most heard of. When the Formula One team from France stops its … [Read more...]

Renault Clio RS the new super hot hatch by MR Car Design

Renault Clio RS the new super hot hatch by MR Car Design. With the help of the German tuner MR Car Design and Renault’s awesome Clio platform the Clio RS was born. The car they made you can see on the awesome pictures that futures an extended a muscular body kit and new fast rear diffuser … [Read more...]

Renault Wind Gordini – a small powerful car

Renault has unveiled the most powerful edition of Renault Wind - Gordini! The results are impressive, engine can throw a little over 130hp and 160Nm of torque and achieve 100 km/h in just 9.2s. Impressive results for a nice small car delivering sporty performance! Renault Wind … [Read more...]

Hot Hatches – Old and New

The hot hatch is an iconic paradigm of motoring history, combining looks practically and speed in one affordable package, pocket rockets have been hugely popular since the introduction of the Renault 5 turbo and VW Golf GTi in the earlt 1980’s. This genre of vehicle is still going strong today with … [Read more...]

Renault Dauphine

Renault Dauphine (A French term for a Crown Princess) was the first French car which was produced in more than 2 million copies. The production was first organized in France and then in a few more production plants worldwide. Renault dauphine rolls from the assembly lines almost 11 years, from 1956 … [Read more...]

Cars That Are Notorious For Being Unreliable

There are plenty of variables that dictate a car’s reliability. While many claim the Ford Model T was the most reliable car ever made, its laundry list of problems would never make it through the first stage of safety checks today. These days we generally deem a car unreliable if the clock light … [Read more...]

New 2010 Renault Fluence review, price, test, engines

Instead of new Megane 3 sedan, Renault's offer for the C segment in the sedan class is a new Renault Fluence. This new/old concept is made in Renault assembly line in Turkey where also Megan 2 is build. Renault Fluence is following the philosophy of Dacia Logan. It is going to be produced in … [Read more...]