Porsche 911 Citroen DS Mash Up

Via Designbam What will happen if someone decide to mush up two iconic car designs like Porsche 911 Targa and Citroen DS Legend? Well you do not need to wonder anymore because something like this already happen. The reason was The Car of the Century Award for the most beautiful cars on the road … [Read more...]

Citroen C4 Aircross is the new original model from Citroen

Citroen C4 Aircross is the new original model from Citroen. Form the class of Citroën C4 there have been more than 100,000 new vehicles produced form the assembly line since the model was launched last year. This commercial success makes it that the Marque is now extending its C4 lineup … [Read more...]

Citroen Tubik Concept it is exploring new areas

Citroen Tubik Concept it is exploring new areas. Citroen has recently lunched the Mulicity portal, and with its lunch has established itself like a facilitator of mobility. But Citroen hasn’t stop exploring new automotive areas and today is still innovating. Continuing it’s “Créative … [Read more...]

Citroen DS5 is the new car in innovative and distinctive DS line

Citroen DS5 is the new car in innovative and distinctive DS line. The innovative and distinctive DS line from Citroën now is richer for a new third model, Citroën DS5. The new Citroën DS5 wants to fully express the Citroën's 'Créative Technologie’. The new groundbreaking style, awesome … [Read more...]

Hot Hatches – Old and New

The hot hatch is an iconic paradigm of motoring history, combining looks practically and speed in one affordable package, pocket rockets have been hugely popular since the introduction of the Renault 5 turbo and VW Golf GTi in the earlt 1980’s. This genre of vehicle is still going strong today with … [Read more...]

2011 Citroen C4 Review, Prices, Engines, Test

Designed to overleap the highest point of expectation, the new Citroën C4 burst with of style, quality, comfort and interior space, makes The Leap a mission possible. The handling and environmental credentials make the Aura around it with a continuous source of positive energy. Citroën C4 … [Read more...]

Self Drive Holidays

If you feel like a change from the normal holiday experience then there are always self drive holidays. Whether you’re going off-road for a safari in Africa or you just want to cruise the streets in some of the quaint little villages of France then a self drive holiday could be for … [Read more...]