Faraon Electric Car From Serbia – photos, review, price

By the end of 2013, Serbian automotive company "Faraon" will present their new project - an electric car prototype. The prototype will be build using the most innovative polymer and composite materials. This approach in the manufacturing will make this car very easy and strong. … [Read more...]

Everything about European Cars

When you think of cars that are considered luxury brands, what are the first names that come to mind? Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari- just to name a few, most likely. And what to these cars have in common (besides their whopping price tags?) They all happen to be of European … [Read more...]

Docking (Doking) XD electric car road test, review, autonomy, price

After about 10 months after the first and sensational news about Docking (Doking) XD electric car, first ever Croatian car, we have a chance to have this car on a test and do a firsthand review. We have tested this baby several days after the end of this year's Geneva Motor Show, where refined and … [Read more...]

Docking XD Fully electric car from Croatia

Electric cars are becoming more popular mostly because they are clean, quiet and owners do not need to go to the gas stations. Every time when the electric car need to be refueled, the proud owners can just plug in the car in the wall and the next morning they can have the full autonomy. In the … [Read more...]