Grandfather old Motorbikes

What you have in your old grandfather garage can make you a fortune. Probably this first sentence is showing what is this article about. And this is not only the article but real story. Few years ago one of my friends inherited a small farm some few hundred miles up north. He was not so excited … [Read more...]

Can cars ever be a good investment

When you buy a new car, you need to be aware that it will decrease in value as soon as you drive out of the showroom. In fact, your car is worth 20% less as soon as you leave the dealership. It is highly unlikely that you will get back the same sum of money for the purchased new or second-hand car, … [Read more...]

What is MOT test?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport and therefore MOT test is the ministry of transport annual test of the automobile safety, exhaust emissions aspects and the road worthiness of the vehicle. MOT test needs to be done for all vehicles which are more than three years old. MOT test is required in the … [Read more...]

Cheapest Convertible Cars in UK

Working in enclosed space? Spending too much time indoor? We have solution for you! Why don’t use your daily commuting routines for a sunlight adventure. Sun is a necessity for almost any living creature. If you are a human like us probably you will enjoy driving while sun is warming your body and … [Read more...]

Affordable Classic Cars!

Have you ever found yourself lusting after your dream classic car? That beautiful Jaguar E-Type? A Mercedes 300SL or a Porsche 356 perhaps? The chances are that owning and running one of these beauties will be pretty far out of your price bracket, but fear not, a solution exists for just … [Read more...]

Renault Dauphine

Renault Dauphine (A French term for a Crown Princess) was the first French car which was produced in more than 2 million copies. The production was first organized in France and then in a few more production plants worldwide. Renault dauphine rolls from the assembly lines almost 11 years, from 1956 … [Read more...]

The 5 Sexiest Classic Cars

Many classic cars are as beautiful now as they were when they were made years ago, due to detailed manufacturing and the luck of the models being kept in good condition by their owners. Undoubtedly many of us would be running for classic car insurance if we could get our hands on one of what we … [Read more...]

2010 is Alfa Romeo Giulietta 50th anniversary

Back in may 2004, Milan, the home city of Alfa Romeo was hosting the celebration of Giulietta 50th birthday, the tiny coupe which created the new image of Alfa Romeo cars. Societa Anonima Italiana Darracq was the original company founded in 1906 by the French carmaker Darracq in cooperation with … [Read more...]

1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe Sold for record $30 Million

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As great art goes, it's always intriguing to see what that beauty can be worth. While one Picasso may be bought for $30,000, another is sold at a record breaking $106 million. Classic cars are no different. To automotive connoisseurs, a vintage car is a … [Read more...]

Classic Cars for Surfing

For people who love surfing as much as they like driving there are only a few cars that can be considered as suitable for you. First of all you need a vehicle that is big enough to carry you surf board and has space for you to stuff all you roxy and animal clothing into. Of course it needs to … [Read more...]