What it takes to own electric or plug-in hybrid cars?

I am big fan of hybrid cars and electric cars and I was thinking of buying one. I start to read reviews and tests and everything looks great. But? But? - What it takes to own and what we need if we are planing to become a proud owners of electric car, or plug-in hybrid car? The answer is very … [Read more...]

China’s BYD with electric car for the US market

One of the most successful Chinese automotive companies in China - BYD (Build Your Dreams) Auto is going to attack the US auto market with a four-door electric car, which was presented at the last Detroit auto show. BYD e6 will roll out of the assembly plant soon and the first vehicles will be … [Read more...]

BYD F3 Dual Mode DM hybrid car from China, review, price

Chinese automaker BYD Auto is one of the most aggressive Chinese automotive companies. Until today they developed the full range of vehicles starting from the smallest to largest: BYD F0, BYD F3, BYD F3R, BYD F6, BYD F3 DM, BYD S8, BYD e6 and BYD G3. BYD F3 DM is a hybrid vehicle where DM stands … [Read more...]

BYD F3, a present for the North Korea mid level officials

BYD F3 is truly a people's car made in the land of people. This is how the Chinese people percept their country and BYD F3 sedan is one of the most popular and it is a top selling compact car in China. BYD F3 has a price tag of $9300 and it is fitted with 1.5 liters 4-cylinder 100 horse power … [Read more...]