Save on Car Repairs

Cars present mixed blessings for motorists relying on them for mobility, but continually dogged by repair bills paid to keep them on the road.  Machines break down; it is as simple as that.  Cars are near and dear to our hearts; valued members of the family even, but in the end they are machines … [Read more...]

Shopping For a Use Vehicle Always Gives You the Lowest Price

Are you the type of person who just loves to shop? Do you scour the Internet and local newspaper circulars looking for that mouth watering deal that just can't be ignored? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then you know just how good it can feel to get what could only be … [Read more...]

What is MOT test?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport and therefore MOT test is the ministry of transport annual test of the automobile safety, exhaust emissions aspects and the road worthiness of the vehicle. MOT test needs to be done for all vehicles which are more than three years old. MOT test is required in the … [Read more...]

UK new car sales

U.K. new car sales continue to grow Today U.K. is the second biggest car market in Europe, right behind Germany. New car registrations in U.K. continue to defy economic gloom and rise by 11.3% in the last month. New car registrations in U.K. have now risen for every month since March, helping … [Read more...]

Cheapest Convertible Cars in UK

Working in enclosed space? Spending too much time indoor? We have solution for you! Why don’t use your daily commuting routines for a sunlight adventure. Sun is a necessity for almost any living creature. If you are a human like us probably you will enjoy driving while sun is warming your body and … [Read more...]

Four Totally Random Reasons to Buy a New Car

Buying a new car this days can be a real financial nightmare. Due to the world economic crisis banks are now more careful and  they show a signs of fear when regular Joe step in and ask for car finance.  There are several reasons why you can make a decision to buy a new car:  1. Fuel prices: You … [Read more...]

Used Car Values on the Rise

If you’re like most people in the market for a new (to you) vehicle, you’re probably allowing the state of the economy to factor heavily in your decision-making process.  What this means is that you are likely leaning towards purchasing a used vehicle rather than spending more on a new one when you … [Read more...]

5 of the Smallest Cars You Can Buy

In today’s world of high gas prices and serious pollution problems, many people are looking into innovative ways to drive their cars. Some people like the idea of hybrid electric cars while others are looking into alternative fuel sources, and then there are the people who believe in microcars and … [Read more...]

Did Toyota Encourage Daihatsu Europe Pull Out?

Daihatsu will withdraw from all European markets by January 2013 because of the continuing strength of the Yen the company has announced.   There are currently no cars in stock at dealerships, and importer International Motors says it is unlikely that any more will be imported between now and the … [Read more...]

Affordable Classic Cars!

Have you ever found yourself lusting after your dream classic car? That beautiful Jaguar E-Type? A Mercedes 300SL or a Porsche 356 perhaps? The chances are that owning and running one of these beauties will be pretty far out of your price bracket, but fear not, a solution exists for just … [Read more...]