GM with10.000 Volt this Year

GM with10.000 Volt this Year. There was a statement from General Motors earlier this week. They announced the US sales results for September. The numbers look pretty good and deliveries are up 20% compared to September 2010, and the Cruze is still the best sealing compact car in the US. … [Read more...]

Weird cars and vehicles

Some people (and companies) really do not know what to do with their time and here are the results... Weird Honda car... Or space ship? Or casket... Weird banana vehicle design With a lot of fantasy, this Weird elephant techno monster can be a car too. Weird cars: … [Read more...]

OnStar’s New Facebook Connectivity: Innovative or Reckless?

It seems that cars are continuing to get smarter. These days, we can navigate without maps, parallel park without touching the wheel, and make a phone call without laying a finger on our mobile. Technology has come to the rescue on many accounts—for those that get distracted changing the station on … [Read more...]

Oahu island on Hawaii with Hydrogen fueled cars from GM

Suddenly Hawaii becomes very popular and important state in the new emerging transportation technologies. After the Korea based CT&T Co. announced that is going to build an electric vehicles factory in the US state of Hawaii, now GM and the Gas Company announced a plan to bring hydrogen vehicles … [Read more...]

US automotive market on the second place behind the chinese

One of the biggest automakers GM reported car sales in March in China are 68% higher than in the same month in 2009. According to the GM automotive sales experts, China can consume 2 million GM and GM partners vehicles in 2010. The sales of the GM cars in US in 2009 were 2.1 million vehicles which … [Read more...]

New “Urban Mobility” Concept From GM Unveiled

As the figures show, increasing number of people lives in the cities and works in their centers. In 2030 60% of 8 billion people will live in urban areas. As a result, even the most developed network of highways and parking lots, and well-functioning railway and subway will not be enough for the … [Read more...]

Why cars are expensive, customers always paying premium

We asked ourselves this question since the beginning of this century and after some observing of the automotive industry now we have the answer! Instead of developing a useful automotive technology for the benefit of the auto industry and people, the managers of the well established companies like … [Read more...]