A Short History of the Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. It is the second largest automobile manufacturing in the country and the fifth in the world, behind Volkswagen, GM, and Toyota. The Ford Motor Company is located outside Detroit, Michigan in a town called Dearborn. The Ford Company oversees … [Read more...]

The Mighty Jeep – A Short History

The Mighty Jeep - A Short History It started out as an Army vehicle in the early 1940's, and the first civilian model came out in 1945.  Since then, the Jeep has inspired fierce loyalty and admiration in the automotive community.  What makes this vehicle so great, and why do people love it so … [Read more...]

The Benefits Of Specialised Driving Glasses

Visual clarity is a hugely important element when it comes to driving safely; if you don't have an optimal view of the road in front of you, then you're putting the your own safety at risk, as well as the safety of your passengers and of other road users. As a result, tens of thousands of people … [Read more...]

How To Save Money By Driving More Economically

In these times of financial hardship, every penny counts. With economies all over the world in a slump combined with rising energy and living costs, now really is the time to be looking to save money. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to do this. Many of them are small changes but can add up to a … [Read more...]

The Isuzu Rodeo rounds up my vote

It’s hard to make a choice in a saturated market. The automotive market is no different as most manufacturers offer a model to fit into each category. This leaves buyers confused with a plethora of different makers, models and specs that are often confusing. The pickup truck market is no exception … [Read more...]

How Is London’s Lower Emission Zone Charges Effecting Van Drivers ?

Driving into the heart of London can be a bit of a pickle due to the hoards of traffic, pedestrians and the vastly unpopular CCZ (congestion charge zone) which all vehicles have to pay when entering inner London. The congestion charge isn't exactly bank breaking at a mere £10 however when if you … [Read more...]

Road Deaths Decrease as Petrol Prices Rise

The current economic climate, of which petrol prices are a prominent feature, has brought doom and gloom globally as people lose their jobs and are forced to cut back on spending leading thriftier, leaner less fulfilling lives. However, as the old adage goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and the … [Read more...]

Vans with Ummmphh!

TV’s and magazines all rave about these middle class cars having immense power, performance and overall brilliance, but what we never hear about is vans with the same traits. For as long as I can remember all I ever hear about vans is “how spacious” they are and how many “miles they do to the … [Read more...]

How To Avoid Your Van Being Nicked

Simple answer seems to be, buy the right kind. One that doesn’t appeal to the miscreant’s sense of style. Then look at all the other gizmos like alarms, immobilisers etc. But if you buy, lease or hire what the villains’ consider “too naff to nick” that’s probably the first most important … [Read more...]

BTCC 2011 Round 1 Report

The MSA British Touring Car circus rolled up to the Brands Hatch on the 3rd of April for the inaugural round of the series, with the field looking more healthy than in recent years. New models and drivers joined the field creating the most diverse and competitive line up in years. Works teams … [Read more...]