3 Cars That Will Turn Heads

If you've got a nice car, you don't have just a bigger monthly loan payment. Chances are, that nice ride comes with added attention. While some people don't like that, you do. If you're looking to add another car to your garage, or you just want to gawk at a few that always turn heads, here are some … [Read more...]

5 Major Differences Between the Current and the New Upcoming Hyundai Tucson/ix35!

When the first Tucson/ix35 was unveiled in March 2010, it was very hard to satisfy the big consumer demand in the world. This Korean SUV became the fastest selling Hyundai car in the history of this company. Its worldwide sales exceeded all the expectations of the Hyundai’s decision makers. Only in … [Read more...]

GPS – Always find your way!

The famous Global Positioning System also known as GPS started as an idea of the United States’ Department of Defense. It is a well-known fact that until 1980’s the main purpose of the US Government was to use it as a system for military needs, but later on they introduced it for a civilian use as … [Read more...]

7 Important Indications that is Time for Car Battery Replacement

Batteries need replacing when they lose their charge. The cracks and corrosion are their main enemies, making them useless and dangerous. It is important to know: There is no battery that last forever. But, it is crucial to choose quality battery, according to your car specifications. It will … [Read more...]

German Worker Destroyed His Boss Mercedes with bulldozer

Worker from Germany destroyed his boss mercedes. TV Reporter from German TV station filmed a video in the coal mine where a worker is smashing his boss mercedes. After the meeting where workers was pissed off by their boss one of them took a huge bulldozer and run over the car which was parked … [Read more...]

If Einstein Designed a Car, He’d Design a Hyundai!

Hyundai= Innovation! Over the past few years, Hyundai is working hard to prove that it can produce innovative cars, such as Toyota, Honda and other manufacturers of the country sunset. With the acquisition of the reputation of the manufacturer of cars that last, Hyundai Motor Company's … [Read more...]

Saving Energy Solution: Electric Cars

Do we live in a Renaissance period in the Field of Electric Cars? Yes! Of course! Over 2 billion vehicles on the roads? Yes, this will happen very soon. It is not surprise anymore to hear that the transportation sector has a huge impact of the petroleum consumption and the CO2 emissions. And this … [Read more...]

Futuristic self-driving Cars!

Are we on at the threshold of an era of futuristic cars, which we used to see only in the science fiction movies and cartoons?! The answer is: yes, we are! The beginning of the so-called driver-less cars era is in the early 1930s. The first representation of this kind of car was at 1939 on the … [Read more...]

How To See The World By Automobile

If you're a fan of the open road, then you've probably always dreamed about taking a trip around the world by car. International driving can be a fun and exciting adventure - but it can also present some challenges, especially if you've never driven in a foreign country before. To help you get … [Read more...]

6 Most Famous Brands of Car Batteries Which Offer Best Performances

Cars are an embodiment of our personality and they require special care to offer us comfort and pleasure. Whether it is small, large, sports, retro or luxury car each requires the same deal of attention to drive us fast and safe through the life's journey. It is clear that car batteries provide … [Read more...]