Top Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Floor Jack

Top Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Floor Jack

Floor jacks are necessary tools if you know about to fixing your car yourself. Aside from simplifying the task of lifting cars, they are as well central to safe repairs of vehicles. Be it that you want to fix your wheel or replace the brake pads, the floor jack comes in handy. Find here highlighted; details through to be looked into when buying a best floor jack for the money .


What to consider when purchasing a floor jack?

At the instance of several floor jacks to select, it becomes quite challenging to decide which one exactly is to be bought. These are some factors that can assist you in choosing a suitable floor jack.

A lousy floor jack can be dangerous. Picture the scenario where it fails upon using it to raise a car up. Look the degree of havoc it will wreak especially someone is fixing something underneath. It is as such apposite that you have sufficient and precise information about floor jacks before buying them.

•The Material Used in Building

The floor jack is used in raising heavy things and as such its sturdiness and how reliable it is a thing that merits looking into. Aluminum and iron are the critical elements that can fortify the floor jack. The two of them have high tensile strength, although his sturdy and stable they are in diverse situations are of interest.


Floor jacks made of steel metal are mostly massive and weighty and are not as compact as aluminum. However, their main benefit is that they last longer than aluminum ones. Floor jacks made of aluminum are not as much heavy, but they can damage easily. So it is advisable you go for the aluminum type if what you need is just a jack for your garage. Besides, if you need a jack for special critical functions, the steel floor jack is the right jack that is durable and can suspend heavy loads.

•Lift Capacity of the Floor Jack

Knowing the capacity of the floor jack is necessary, so you will not end up buying a floor jack that can’t carry the load you intend to use it for. The gimmick here is buying a floor jack that can raise an amount almost as heavy as the car’s weight. Given that lifting capacity, you need not worry about lifting your vehicle at all times.


Mechanical jacks can support a load of 20 tons at best when a little effort is applied. You can check up the weight of your car by looking for it on the vehicle where it is posted in pounds. Remember that only a part of the whole weight will be raised since you will not be increasing the whole car.


Except that you often fix trucks and heavy vehicles, a two-ton jack is good enough for the typical vehicle owner. If need be, you can go for a floor jack of say 3-ton capacity. In fact, here are ones of 4-tons and higher specs, albeit, you may not be needing beyond 3 tons if you may never have to lift heavy cars, lorries, and luxurious buses.

•Floor Jack Design

The most common type of jack is the floor ones. It is the most convenient jack type and good to be used as a home jack. Although we are looking strictly at floor jack, it is necessary that we know that some other alternatives exist depending on what you want to use it for.It is the most typical jack you see around because it is beneficial, durable and comfortable clean. With the floor jack, you needn’t do much, pull the plunger and the jack begins pumping immediately. It works on hydraulic principle, generating fluid pressure that raises the jack’s hand. A few floor jacks come with a holder to stop the jack from tripling over after it attains the peak lifting height.

Different Types of Jacks

Here are some common types of jack and their feature:

•Scissor-type Floor Jack

Deriving its name from its mode of work like the scissors, the scissor-type jack is a hand-operated floor jack with a revolving handle and lever, which is slid into the car’s aperture. The way it works is easily comprehended, you get to turn the handle lever to give the pressure.

The pressure then draws the external ends to the middle part using the jack’s major screw. By doing this, a side of the car gets lifted up. Owing to its size, it is a choice jack for average vehicle owners. Nonetheless, they will need some energy to lift up the jack and thus might not be ideal for many people.

Should you lose your vehicle jack and you are considering a replacement, you can count on the scissor-type when you want to fix a wheel’s deflated tube.

•Piston Floor Jacks

Because they are erect in a standing position, the piston floor jacks are also known as floor jacks. They also work on hydraulic fluid principle, but then they have higher pressure, and so they raise the load to a greater height. Piston floor jack is the most appropriate for industry operations. Their key advantage lies in the fact that they can raise up to 50 tons of load.

•Hydraulic trolley jacks

Hydraulic trolley jacks are one set of portable jacks. They have higher efficiency and lift with ease and swiftly so. With just few pumping, the jack is high up. It is more balance on the ground because it uses four wheels and this makes it the choice jack in raising hefty and massive loads. This fortified lever can go exceeding heights, and it is not the ideal jack for small vehicles.

Final Words

Selecting the most appropriate Jack for your home is a function of what you need and your specifications. Durability, material strength and load capacity ate top factors you need to consider carefully before purchasing a floor jack.

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