The Most Common Brake Repair Services

The Most Common Brake Repair Services

It is very important that you keep your brakes functioning properly, as they are the only thing that allows you to slow and stop your vehicle. If your brakes fail, you could lose control of the vehicle, which could lead to an accident causing bodily harm. Simply put, your brakes keep you and others on the road safe. Before taking your vehicle in for a brake repair, make sure that you can describe the problem that is occurring, as this can save you money because the mechanic will not have to spend time figuring the problem out for himself.

New Brake Pads

Perhaps the most common job that will be performed on your brakes is a brake pad replacement. Brake pads wear down as you use your brakes, so replacing them is a perfectly normal part of owning a car. If you usually drive under normal conditions, your pads will last you between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. When your brake pads have worn down significantly, you will hear a grinding noise when you apply your brakes.

Brake Fluid Flush

Your brakes require brake fluid to function at an optimal level. Healthy fluid is nearly clear, but it gets darker the more you use your brakes. Eventually, you will have to flush this fluid and replace it to keep your brakes running in optimal condition. This is a relatively inexpensive brake repair service to have performed at a local shop.

Replace the Master Cylinder

If you find that your pedal sinks to the floor of the car slowly when you apply pressure, there is a chance that your car requires a new master cylinder. Most people notice that something is wrong with their brakes when the master cylinder has blown, so take your to a mechanic whenever anything seems out of the ordinary. Many cars have a built in warning light on the dash, which lets them know when the master cylinder needs to be replaced.

New Rotors

Your car requires pads and disc rotors to stop. The pads contact the rotors, which is what slows the car. Much like the brake pads, rotors wear out the more you use your vehicle. Instead of wearing down in the way that brake pads do, however, rotors develop grooves. If your car feels like it is jerking while you apply the brakes, it could be a sign that your rotors are wearing down, so you should take it in for a brake repair.

Caliper Replacement

While most brake problems are relatively inexpensive to fix, a caliper replacement can cost a significant amount of money. In basic terms, the caliper is responsible for pinching the brake pads and the rotors together, which is what allows the vehicle to stop. Calipers can lock up or begin leaking hydraulic fluid, which can cause the brakes to fail entirely. This is such an expensive brake repair service because it takes so long to fix, so make sure that you compare the prices offered by various mechanics before committing to anything.

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