What to Do In the Event of a Road Accident

What to Do In the Event of a Road Accident

Cycling accidents and road traffic accidents today are sadly all too common. The UK roads can certainly be a hazardous place.  In a world of such uncertainty it is always good to arm yourself with knowledge and a plan. That’s not to say that you should plan to have a road accident, but knowing what to do in a situation could be of advantage to you.

Here are a few top tips following a road accident:

Medical attention

The first thing to do is to seek medical attention or to contact for medical attention if there is an urgency to do so.  Even if you experience minor injuries you should still ensure that you have been checked out by a doctor.  If you need to file a claim for whiplash, in due course, then you may find that without notes from your doctor it is an issue.

Contact details

Exchange contact details, insurance details and vehicle details with those involved. Don’t forget to also take down the contact details of any witnesses. They may be required to give evidence at a later date.

Take pictures

Camera phones are of great use, if you are able to then pictures of the incident, the areas around, and road markings can be of great advantage to you.

Let the police know

Road accidents today need to be reported to the police.  The police don’t necessarily need to be present at the scene of the accident, but it is important that you let them know.

Replace your helmet and get your bike checked

If you took a knock to your head then you will need to replace your helmet.  Your helmet may not appear damaged, but it may no longer be as effective in protecting you in the future.  It is also a wise idea to get your bike checked out to make sure that it is still in full working order.

Following these simple steps after having, or being involved in, an accident could really serve you well should you need to claim for a personal injury.  Cycling accidents can often leave you feeling vulnerable, as well as being in pain and discomfort.  If you have had a cycling injury that wasn’t your fault then it is worth speaking to a cycling injury solicitor who can help you claim the compensation you deserve.

However …

It is worth noting that the driver involved will have probably passed on your details to their insurance company who will more than likely be in touch.  Be very wary of what you say as this could be used against you.  Their offers of compensation will appear generous but it is worth rejecting this and speaking to specific cycling injury solicitors.  

Take care when cycling on the roads and do all you can to keep yourself safe and protected.  Wear your helmet, wear reflective arm bands and fluorescent clothing, adhere to road signs, and try to pre-empt situations as best as you possibly can. Carry on Cycling can help you with your claim, get in touch today.

Check out ROSPA for more UK road accident facts and figures.

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