Save on Car Repairs

Save on Car Repairs

Cars present mixed blessings for motorists relying on them for mobility, but continually dogged by repair bills paid to keep them on the road.  Machines break down; it is as simple as that.  Cars are near and dear to our hearts; valued members of the family even, but in the end they are machines subject to the pitfalls of other mechanical assemblies.  Since motoring represents a significant portion of each family’s monthly budget, mums and dads are constantly seeking ways to save money on driving.  One proven strategy for managing car expenses is to find a balance point between the car you can afford to buy and the repairs you can afford to make.  In other words, some buyers tend to reach a little further with their financing than others do, buying slightly newer vehicles with borrowed funds. Koala may be able to provide the additional funding necessary.  On the other hand, cash-strapped buyers moving back in model-years must also be aware of the increased repair costs they’ll experience keeping an older car on the road.

Do Your Research Before Buying
Buying cars is a bit of a gamble, no matter how well you research the process ahead of time.  Cars are mechanical equipment, so they break down and sometimes show inconsistent levels of performance.  Certain vehicles are rated higher than others, in terms of customer satisfaction and longevity, so the first step toward lowering repair costs is to buy a reliable car to begin with.  Consumer watchdog agencies and online resources provide valuable information about how long cars last, and repair requirements associated with particular models.  Some sites offer sections permitting actual driver feedback, so shoppers considering certain models can check-in with those who already own them.  In addition to a fair sale price, one of the best walkaways taken from your trip to the car dealer is a high level of confidence in your sellers repair facility.  There is no better source for maintenance and repair work than the manufacturer representative selling particular car models.  Technicians for dealers have undergone specialized training, so they are tuned-in to the particular nuances of your make and model.  Independent shops also provide good service, but finding the right mechanic to work on your vehicle sometimes requires a learning curve, familiarizing yourself with work done by local shops.  Nonetheless, establishing a good working relationship with a competent mechanic is one of the best ways to save money on car repairs.

Proactive Car Care Extends Performance
Car repairs are not welcomed expenses, so owners tend to adopt passive roles toward vehicles, opening the bonnet only when there is a problem. While the approach defers expenses in some cases, there is no way to get around routine vehicle maintenance costs.  Rather than turning a blind eye toward vehicle upkeep until issues arise, try a proactive stance that stays one step ahead of your car’s needs.

Do Some Maintenance Yourself
Not everyone is interested or inclined toward working on cars.  Modern vehicles are complex, and require extensive computer knowledge and specialized equipment to diagnose problems.  When times are tight though, cash flow sometimes forces your hand, requiring you to get involved with the repair jobs you might otherwise hire-out.  Car repairs conducted at home save money in two ways.  First, the cost of labor is taken right off the top, supplied by you rather than a mechanic making dozens per hour.  It is up to you to value your time, but pitching-in to car repairs yourself is often the most cost-effective strategy on the table.  Even conducting regular oil changes yourself saves money over having professionals do it.  Tallied over the course of a year’s time, or more dramatically; over the whole time period you own the vehicle, oil changes and minor maintenance conducted at home adds-up to significant savings.


Not everyone is interested or inclined toward working on cars.  Modern vehicles are complex, and require extensive computer knowledge and specialized equipment to diagnose problems.

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