Difference Between Justin Bieber’s DWI & Yours

Difference Between Justin Bieber’s DWI & Yours

If you were like many people watching the news, you most likely saw the story about Justin Bieber being arrested for driving under the influence. Many people were curious how he was treated compared to an ordinary person, and the fact is, there are significant differences between how a celebrity is treated and how everyone else is treated. This is especially true with a charge of driving while intoxicated. At Robert M. Phillips & Associates, their legal team understands that a DWI charge can affect your record, even more than it would a celebrity.

A difference in how he was treated

The first notable difference with celebrities is that they are segregated from the general population. This is done for safety. Celebrities are often the target of violence from others in jail, so they are not placed with the general population. When Justin Bieber was arrested, he was shown in court wearing a red jumpsuit. Most of those housed in the jail he was in were fitted with orange jumpsuits. The different colored jumpsuit is done for quick identification of prisoners who are being given special considerations for safety.

Police careful following the law

There is an extra effort to go by the book when processing a celebrity. Often the entire nation is watching, and there is nothing like the spotlight to keep people on their best behavior. No shortcuts are taken and procedure is followed. This can work against a celebrity. Because they are going by the letter of the law, certain things will be prosecuted when it may have been overlooked for a common person.

Arrest is often on camera

With cameras everywhere, a police officer will most likely be under the spotlight and accused of giving a celebrity special treatment. Of course, a celebrity’s rights will most likely be respected. No liberties are going to be taken by the police. Without the cameras, a regular person can be intimidated and short-cuts taken by the police during and after the DWI arrest. This is why an average person needs to remain silent and speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

Celebrities are attorney savvy

A celebrity most likely has an attorney that is only a phone call away. Most celebrities have a good deal of money and can afford good legal representation. In addition, they have more experience using an attorney. When an average person is arrested for DWI, it may be their first time and are not thinking about their rights. They can easily end up hurting their case by saying things that are not helpful later in a court of law.

Justin Bieber may be innocent

According to online reports, Justin Bieber took a breathalyzer test for alcohol and only blew a 0.014; the legal limit is 0.08 as stated in DrivingLaws.org. This means that he was well below the level considered to be intoxication. He was arrested for apparently failing a field sobriety test. This illustrates the importance of remaining silent and speaking to an attorney. A field sobriety test is subjective, and the evidence against him may not be very strong. The same thing can happen to the average person, but with much different results.

It will be of no surprise is the case against Justin Beiber for DWI falls a part; the same cannot be said for the average person. A typical person may end up saying or doing something incriminating and make the issue of DWI worse. The important thing to keep in mind is that everyone has the same rights as Mr. Bieber, but these rights won’t matter without the help of a lawyer.

Attorney Bob Phillips and his team will treat your case with utmost importance, as if you were a celebrity yourself. 

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