The Basics on Ratchet Straps

The Basics on Ratchet Straps

There are many different names for the ratchet strap. They are very often referred to as tie downs or sometimes as cargo straps. They have a lot of different uses and application at work or at home. The most popular use is to secure loads that are being transported. You can purchase tie straps in almost all the colours of the rainbow. The size you need will be dictated by the size of the load you are transporting and wish to secure. Vehicles that transport goods, products, or any type of heavy load uses cargo straps to secure the load to the vehicle. The types of vehicles range from simple pickup trucks or vans to huge trailers, trains, shipss and other freight vehicles.

Very close attention is paid to the construction and design of ratchet straps. It is crucial for the safety of everyone that ratchet straps are sturdy, reliable, and dependable.  They use only the strongest high grade polyester webbing material to construct the straps. It is very important that when properly secured there is little or no movement in the straps. Polyester webbing ensures that there is no slack or give after the strap is tightened. A safety fitting constructed of metal or steel is used to secure the straps. They use many different types. Some use a flat hook or a grab hook and some use a hook claw or a buckle.

The size of the ratchet strap that is needed to secure a load is totally dependent on both the size and type of the load. The different sizes of straps can be broken down into three basic categories. Light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. They measure 25 mm, 35mm, and 50mm respectively. It is important for the safety of all involved that the proper size is chosen when securing a load. Failure to do so can result in overburdening the strap and lead to the failing of the strap. The opposite is also true using a large a strap to secure a smaller load can result in the failure of the strap as it may be too loose and not properly secure the load.

Due to the safety issues involved in the use and application of ratchet straps and the potentially disastrous effect of a below standard product, their manufacture and design is done according to the European Standard. This is the defining standard and measure of excellence for ratchet straps in Europe and in some other parts of the world as well.

This is why it is important to pay attention to and follow closely the manufacturer’s recommendations for safety limits and guidelines. The polyester webbing ensures the strength and durability of the strap and makes it very resistant to abrasion and outdoor elements. However, over time, rubbing and movement can cause fraying or tearing. Inspect each strap with each use. Close examination of the strap prior to usage and even after each use will help to guarantee the safety of its users.

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