Staying One Step Ahead

Staying One Step Ahead

It is not a pleasant thought but, no matter where you live in the UK, there is a possibility that your home, garage or business premises could be broken in to. The emotional impact, as well as the financial costs of repairing and replacing items is extensive.
In recent months, even years, it has been highlighted by a variety of consumer programmes, as well as several websites, that many burglars are gaining entry to our properties including our homes, car garages and offices – quickly and easily, with the minimum amount of fuss – by breaking the lock on a uPVC front door or garage door.
Known as lock-snapping, this habit has been known to the industry since 2005, possibly earlier, and it was the local, regional news bulleting and consumer programmes that started to make this practice known to home and business owners.
But highlighting the problem is only one part of the equation. Being made aware of the solution is another piece of the jigsaw – the replacement of the ‘standard’ lock, with a tougher more secure lock. Taking only a few minutes to fit by a reputable company, whilst it may not deter burglars completely it will certainly mean gaining access to your property far more difficult than it once was.

And so…

As a result, many different companies make a range of secure locks, perfect for replacing the standard lock but they all, of course, tell consumers that their lock is the best and the most secure.
One such product that has received excellent reviews is the Avocet Anti-Snap lock. Designed to fit a variety of composite and uPVC, the basic function of this lock is to prevent it from being snapped, presenting a far higher level of security.
It also uses magnetic ‘technology’ or application within the lock, adding to its security feature. The fact that is reaches not only European standards but surpasses British Standards is one reason why it is becoming such a popular replacement lock in the UK; supplied with three keys as well as registration card, more and more people are opting for this lock.

How does it work?

As well as magnets inside the pins, there is also a ‘sacrificial point’ built into the lock which, should be tampered with by a burglar, will break but will prevent them from snapping the lock, therefore preventing them gaining access through the doorway, at least.
But, staying one step ahead also means staying ahead with this style of lock too. Anyone with knowledge of locks, barrels and doors will know that even some of these extra secure locks will have a weak point – usually the middle of the barrel. But the Avocet lock has an additional measure installed meaning, that even under the most prolonged attack it will ‘hold out’.
Many locksmith and technology experts have put this lock under the test, throwing their best tools, knowledge and sheer muscle at it! Under these extreme conditions, it did hold its own. Although some suggest it needs a smoother unlocking mechanism if you looking for a serious contender in the lock arena to replace your current lock with, then you won’t go far wrong selecting this Avocet Anti-Snapping lock.
The recent spotlight on snapping ‘standard’ uPVC or composite door locks has once again, placed security back in the mind of a property owner. Spending some time researching, finding the right replacement lock and getting it fitted by a professional, is just one way of keeping one step ahead of the people who want to gain unauthorised access to your home or business.

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