Scaffold Sheeting Can Prevent Fires

Scaffold Sheeting Can Prevent Fires

Scaffold sheeting is known by many different names, such as mono sheeting or construction sheeting. It serves a variety of different functions in different industries in manufacturing, production, construction, as well as various different commercial projects. It is used primarily in new construction and on buildings undergoing renovation as temporary roofing. It can also be used to improve security and safety.

Another use is as a temporary barrier or to show demarcation. Many individuals who purchase scaffold sheeting do so because of the durability and function it can provide. Its versatility is based primarily on its design and the different sizes it is available in. It can be purchased in two metre by forty five metres or three by forty five metre lengths, according to the desired length for your project.

The sheeting is constructed from heavy, industrial strength, plastic materials such as high density, reinforced, laminated polyethylene. Scaffold sheeting receives no special treatment. It is not an item that is carefully put away each night for protection and storage. It is usually left up on the site night and day exposed to the sun wind and rain.  

This is not a problem because the sheeting is resistant to several different external elements such as the sun, wind, and rain. This is due to the UV resistant coating that the polyethylene is treated with. This prevents weathering and deterioration of the sheeting which can come from exposure to the elements.  

On any work site, one of the primary risks that most workers and managers worry about is falling debris from the site. Falling debris is a potential hazard and can be extremely dangerous to the workers below as well as passers by and other pedestrian traffic.

Scaffold sheeting is not only weather resistant but it is also treated with a flame retardant as well. This adds to the durability, strength, and adds another element of usefulness to this already very handy sheeting. Though this feature is often overlooked, it is of critical importance and can save lives.

A safety hazard that is extremely dangerous and is a constant threat on work sites is the threat of fire.  There are a lot of different electrical equipment including drills, soldering, and welding equipment being used on the site at any given time period.

The different electrical equipment used on job sites can be very dangerous. The potential for a fire is very real. Electrical equipment such as the welding equipment constantly generates sparks.  If the sparks catch any flammable material or substance, then instantly there would be a fire. Imagine the danger and threat of fire on a work site or scaffolding and the threat to pedestrians below.

The flame retardant coating on the scaffolding sheeting is a very important and necessary safety feature. It means that flying sparks that catch the sheeting will not catch fire or burn holes in it. It also means that these potential fire starters can be contained safely.

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