Accessorize Your BMW X5 For Every Season

Accessorize Your BMW X5 For Every Season

The BMW X5 can provide a great deal of functionality for you beyond being a reliable means of transport to and from work. While your X5 might be the best car you have ever owned, that does not mean that it comes to you with every accessory and tool you need to make the most of the vehicle.

The BMW X5 is a luxury SUV that allows you the opportunity to travel in what is, essentially, an off-road vehicle in true comfort. However, comfort and style are only the beginning when you purchase this car. Not only can you alter your X5 to suit your lifestyle, you can modify the X5 at different times of the year to prepare for the different seasons.

In the winter months, you would be wise to have tire chains for driving on snow and ice. The X5 does not come with this accessory, but it is quite invaluable when you are driving in the cold.

During the spring and summer, your family likely travels for vacations and holidays with extended family. The X5 is a spacious vehicle, but it is not the largest vehicle on the road. Therefore, it is wise to use BMW X5 roof racks to mount a storage container for your family’s luggage. This allows for more space inside the vehicle for extra passengers or for the children to stretch their legs.

As spring and summer approach, it would also be wise to mount your bike rack to the back of the X5 for bicycle tours and exercise rides in the nice weather. The whole family can have their bike mounted to the back of the vehicle with just one bike rack. Moreover, those same bikes can be tethered to the roof rack if you prefer they be above you rather than behind you.

Some families take their travels one step further and use a caravan or camper during their vacation. These caravans can only be hitched to a vehicle that has a trailer hitch attached.  Adding the trailer hitch to your X5 is a wise decision when you think you might be traveling with a caravan or you already own a caravan.

In addition to the trailer hitch, an X5 owner can invest in extra trailer brake lights that conveniently attach to the X5’s own brake lights for easy towing. The vehicle is much safer for hauling with these accessories.

From the trailer hitch to the tire chains to the roof rack, the BMW X5 can be set up for all seasons and all occasions. You are not just purchasing a car that takes you to work or drives in the forest. The BMW X5 is designed to suit the entire family for the whole year with easy additions and upgrades that even the most novice driver can perform. Use your BMW X5 roof racks for storage, mount a bike rack for comforting rides, and do all of this on a luxury SUV that is designed for comfort and style.

Article written by Thomas Dennis.

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