Where to Start When Restoring a Classic Car

Where to Start When Restoring a Classic Car

There is no mistaking that vroom, vroom sound of an old classic car. It definitely seems like they made better, cooler cars in the old days. Sure, you don’t get some of the great modern amenities in older vehicles, like heated seats and a digital satellite radio, but you make due with the fact that you are driving around in a stunning, historical work of art. You name it – all the old cars had sleek lines and contours that are hard to find in today’s vehicles. Also, there is no way of replacing that feeling of turning the key in the ignition of an old car and feeling all that horsepower. However, if you want to bring an old car up to speed and even add some modern amenities, you can always restore the vehicle. Here are some tips on where to start when restoring a classic car.

Your first step is to find an engine. In an older vehicle that needs restoration, there is a strong chance that you need a new engine. The thing is, though, that finding an original engine can be difficult. If you are restoring the vehicle for your own personal driving pleasure, you could get away with a newer engine with a comparable chassis size. However, if you are a true enthusiast or if you are planning on flipping the vehicle, you might have to search a little harder for an original engine.

After you have found an engine for the vehicle, you want to get started on planning the restoration of the bodywork. Chances are that the old car you are restoring has significant rust, dents, scratches and much more. While hammering out dents can be a little easier, finding whole metal panels can be a little more difficult. However, with sites, like Classic 2 Current Fabrication, you can find floor pans, body panels and a number of other structural components that you need to rebuild a vehicle.

Next, you need to think about the paint job. When it comes to painting an older vehicle, you typically want to stay true to the original paint job. This means that you want to not only have the right hue, but also the right pearlescent shimmer and shine. If you want your old vehicle to look like it just rolled off the lot, you might want to get the professionals to paint your car. However, if you have the knowledge and the capacity to repaint the vehicle, you can easily do it yourself.rLastly, always keep a reference board on hand. Your reference board will include photographs of the vehicle in its original glory. While you might be able to restore a vehicle to resemble what it looked like forty to fifty years ago, it can be difficult to add all the trims and details that make it look like a classic. So, you want to go online or look in old magazines and then paste these photographs onto a board that you can keep in your garage. This reference board will serve as a blueprint of sorts. What you want is classic car enthusiasts to your restored vehicle and know that you have done the research.

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