Transferring Your Car Lease Using an Online Assumption Group: Top Tips

Transferring Your Car Lease Using an Online Assumption Group: Top Tips

Thinking about transferring your car lease to another driver using the services of an online assumption group (AKA lease transfer specialist)? If so, you should heed the following advice to give yourself the best possible chance of securing a transfer deal…

Optimise the title of your lease transfer listing for search

Front left of car

Front left of car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s important to remember an online assumption group could feature thousands of leases at any given time, and that users will often find the kinds of vehicles and leases that they desire using the onsite search facility. As such, it is important to include certain, essential information within the title of your lease advertisement to ensure it has visibility for related searches.

The most crucial information to include is the make, model and year of the car, and the length of the lease to be transferred. Depending on how many characters your title can consist of, you could include the colour of the car also.

If correctly optimised your lease listing may also appear in search engine results for related queries, further increasing your chances of securing a deal.

NOTE: Some assumption groups will create your advertisement – and its title – on your behalf, but will very likely include the recommended information by default.

Make the contents of your listing as descriptive as possible

Listings comprising very little information are unlikely to result in enquiries. Your listing will only be considered seriously if you paint a full picture for potential lease overtakers.

What – if any – surface damage does the car have? When was the last time it underwent and passed an MOT? What’s the tread of its tyres like? How many miles included as part of the original lease contract remain? These are the sorts of questions your lease transfer advertisement should address.

Any lies you include – or information left out of your listing – could cause potential deals to fall through later, meaning you’ll be forced to cover more of the outstanding monthly lease payments using your own pocket.

Take up-to-date and attractive photos of the vehicle up for lease transfer

English: BMW E90 near Fatijärvi.

English: BMW E90 near Fatijärvi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those who include pictures of the vehicle when advertising a potential lease transfer are, obviously, likely to receive far more enquiries than those who do not. However, including a low quality picture is likely to result in few enquiries too, for potential candidates will not be able to determine the true condition of the car. Using an old photo of the car should also be avoided for this reason – you could end up wasting the valuable time of interested parties, ruining your chances of a quick lease transfer.
Be sure to give the car a good wash, and try to photograph it on a bright day and from several different angles. Using a camera that is at least 10MP is recommended – borrow one from a friend if you do not own such.

NOTE: Assumption groups are very likely to remove your photos should they comprise any personal information, the car’s number plate, for example. You should edit this data out from photos using a program like MS Paint or Photoshop before uploading them to any site.

Reply to any communication you receive from interested parties immediately

Be sure to check your email, or on site inbox, regularly for new correspondence – if you wait too long to respond to any enquiries you receive you could be considered a time waster and miss out on your ideal transfer deal as a result.

Some candidates may contact you who you consider to be unsuitable for taking over your lease, for one reason or another. You should still respond to these individuals – manners cost nothing after all!

Want to learn more about car lease transfer? This article from will tell you all you need to know.

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