The Ten Best Motorcycle Luggage Products

The Ten Best Motorcycle Luggage Products

If you prefer riding to travelling, then you know the importance of biker gear like luggage. Why? There comes a time when you have to travel for long distances, and you need to carry some stuff like food and clothes with you. Here are the ten best luggage products that will help you do this comfortably:

1. Soft Saddlebags

They are attached to the rear of the bike, by removing the passenger seat, fitting them in place and placing the passenger seat back. They come in different sizes depending on the rider’s needs, allowing you to carry personal effects of different sizes. They are also good-looking and streamlined so that your bike doesn’t look too bulky. Also, they are removable so you can remove them and reattach them whenever you want.

2. Support Brackets

These are necessary if you use soft saddlebags luggage. They prevent the saddlebags from moving to the rear wheel when riding, preventing possible accidents.

3. Hard Saddlebags

These are ideal for those who feel the need for security for their staff. They are made from durable material like vinyl fiberglass, and some are even lockable. They are easy to attach to the rear using a mounting plate and can be removed and carried like a briefcase when you get to your destination.

4. Travel Bags

Motorcycle travel bags are an essential bike gear and the best luggage product for riders travelling long distances. They can store a large size of the effects, and come in different sizes depending on the rider’s needs. It’s also advisable they are waterproof for protection against the rain.

5. Tool Box

This is necessary have luggage product and bike gear. They are used for carrying tools while travelling for fixing any faults that may arise in your bike while travelling.

6. Windshield Bag

A small but important and compatible luggage. It’s attached to the windshield in such a way that it doesn’t pivot or move. They come in different sizes and are great for storing small personal effects like glasses and phones.

7. Fairing Mount Windshield Bags

They are somehow similar to windshield bags, only that they may be divided into several compartments. Each compartment can be sealed, and is ideal for storing small stuff like pods to listen to music while travelling.

8. Backrest

These are great for comfort when riding especially for long distances. They support the rider’s back during travel, preventing fatigue and back pains. You may install the ones with dual applications, one for you and the other to act as a luggage rack holder or a backrest for a passenger.

9. Belt Bag

These are great for carrying your small personal effects as you carry them around with you even when you are not on your bike, both for security and ease compared to other luggage, which you have to dismount first.

10. Motorcycle Adapters

These are fast becoming an essential bike gear. They allow you to charge your electronics, laptops and mobile phones while travelling. These devices are essential nowadays as they facilitate communication, and these adapters ensure that they don’t run out of charge when you are travelling, keeping you connected to the world and to your friends and family.

Each of these luggages is an essential biker gear, and a necessity when riding long distances.

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