Survival guide for road trip gurus

Survival guide for road trip gurus

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Every road trip requires plenty of planning and forethought – whether it’s your first or your hundredth. For those who consider them gurus of the roads, here is a quick survival guide to help you stay on course and safe at all times.

Know the roads

If you like to live by the edge of your seat then perhaps planning your road trip isn’t something you’d intended on doing. That’s all very well but it’s still important that you have a rough idea of where you plan to drive so that you can read up on the roads you’ll encounter.

Even if it’s a familiar route you’ve travelled before, refreshing your memory about local customs and laws is advisable. New regulations may have been introduced since you were last there and it always pays to be prepared.

Know your car

The vessel of your travels, it’s important that you get to grips with your vehicle before taking it on a long journey. Regular maintenance checks are advised for a car journey of any length but when undertaking a road trip you need to pay much more attention to what’s going on under the bonnet.

Book it in for a full service and make sure all your fluid levels are topped up with spare quantities stored in sealed containers in the boot. If you feel it’s time to invest in something new, Mazda used cars are available on AA cars and can be just as reliable as something brand new.

Know your time frame

No matter what level of planning you’ve put into this trip, always keep a rough timeframe in mind. Going off on a four-wheeled adventure has many advantages but time may get away from you. To avoid your adventure becoming too expensive to sustain or placing pressure on relationships and situations back home, set yourself a time frame and stick to it!

Know your past

Learning from past mistakes is something we don’t in virtually every aspect of our lives – so why not apply it to road trips? Think back over past adventures and any problems you encountered before thinking of ways to prevent them this time.

Had a road trip foiled because you didn’t have the right documentation to cross countries? Collect all your paperwork together before you leave and place it in a protective, plastic envelope for safekeeping. Run out of fuel on an empty road before? Get yourself a small canister and fill with petrol to keep in the boot for emergencies.

Whatever the problem, there will be a way to prevent it or at least minimise it’s effects – all you need to do is think about it!

Written and Published by Risto Peovski!

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