How To Get Rid Of Your Car Fast

How To Get Rid Of Your Car Fast

If you need some money to pay some bills, you are about to emigrate to another country, or you have your eye on a sporty little number but haven’t quite got the cash required to buy it, and you have a car at the moment, then you might be wondering what the best way of getting rid of it fast is.

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In fact, there are many ways that you can sell your car quickly for cash, but sadly many of them will often pay you a small fraction of the car’s true value. Here are some ways that you can get that much-needed money for your car fast and still get a reasonable sum of money for it!

Worth less than £200? Scrap it!

First thing’s first: if you are driving around in an old banger which would cost too much money to bring back to a satisfactory roadworthy condition, for example, it needs an engine rebuild or the bodywork is held together with rust rather than metal, then your best bet is to simply scrap it.

You can either take it to a government-approved recycling facility, where they will scrap your car for free and give you a Certificate of Destruction for it, or you could sell it on as a rolling shell which someone could buy on a “spares or repairs” basis.

The first option won’t give you any money but will certainly make way on your drive for your new car, and the second option will probably give you enough money to fill up the tank with fuel on the replacement vehicle.

Dealers that buy cars for cash

There are car dealers in many towns and cities across Britain that will offer to pay you cash for any car that is in good working order and is generally in a good condition.

What usually happens with such places is that a representative from the car dealership will assess your car’s mechanical and structural condition, verify that it has not been reported stolen or is written off (usually with an HPI check that they do online whilst you are there), and then determine what amount they want to offer you.

Car dealers will normally offer you an amount similar to (or as close to) the trade price for your car. The reason for this is because they will simply valet and service your car, perhaps give it an MOT and then sell it on for a profit.

Although the amount you receive won’t be as much as what you’d get for it if you sold it privately, the benefit is that you will be paid instantly for the car rather than having to wait for someone to come and view your car, take it out for a test drive, offer you a price for it, etc.

Selling online

Another popular way to sell your car fast is by entering your car registration details on websites that offer to buy your car for cash. The website will usually ask you a few questions about your car and then give you a preliminary offer, subject to final inspection by a local representative.

These services are virtually identical to independent dealers that offer to buy cars for cash, except that you can pre-arrange everything online rather than having to wait around when you get there for someone that is free to help you.

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