4 reasons to have your car serviced regularly

4 reasons to have your car serviced regularly

Do you wait until smoke starts emitting from your bonnet to take it in to the mechanic? Have you been hearing that clunking sound in the suspension every time you go over a bump and thought ah it will go away by itself? Sorry to break (pun totally intended) it to you, but it sounds like you could benefit from a car service. I get your hesitation, car services are expensive, especially if there’s parts that need replacing. You’ve already got your electricity bill, rent, and kid’s new soccer gear to take care of this week, forking out the funds for a check-up is going to leave a serious dent in your cash flow. Avoiding regular tune up might seem like an easy way to save money, however doing so will only cause bigger woes when you realise ol’ Betsey can’t make it up a hill anymore. It also endangers yourself, your passengers and the drivers around you. Ideally your car should be examined every six months to ensure ultimate safety. Here’s some reasons as to why a service should make an appearance on your to-do list this month.

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An Expensive Asset

To some folks, cars are seen as a luxury item, however for the rest of us, they are an essential item that make getting from A to B less costly and time consuming. Vehicles get us to work on time (sometimes), transport our children to school and activities, and take us on holiday. Let’s face it, without them, we’d be pretty lost. If your car is well looked after, it will save you a lot of heartache and trouble in the long run.


When you leave the dealership after purchasing a new car, they usually tell you the servicing requirements necessary to withhold your warranty. If you neglect your vehicle to a certain extent by avoiding a service, the manufacturer has the right to cancel a customer’s warranty.

Increase vehicle performance to avoid fewer roadside emergencies

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your automobile break down on the side of the highway. Not only do you waste time waiting for assistance to arrive but you know by this stage, any repairs are going to cost you an arm and a leg. Not to mention towing costs, rental cars and transportation home. You can lengthen your cars performance if you keep a careful eye on vital fluids, oils and various parts. Remember that old saying treat it with respect and you’ll receive kindness in return? That phrase applies to the maintenance of your car. By servicing and giving it a little TLC every now and again, your car will return the favour by being more dependable.


Did you know that most accidents aren’t just caused by reckless driving? They are actually triggered as a direct result of vehicle neglect. In fact, most crashes happens because of faulty break systems, worn wiper blades, tires, exhaust build-ups, and leaking gas tanks. Yikes! It’s because of this that you need to keep yourself, your family and your car safe with regular maintenance checks.
There you have it! Find yourself a local mechanic and suss out their car servicing offers today.

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