Top 5 Strangest Car Laws

Top 5 Strangest Car Laws

There’s something strangely entertaining about bizarre laws that have no obvious use to anyone. Except perhaps to amuse us.

Often, these laws are a throwback from times gone by and although they exist, they would never been enforced or acted upon. My particular favourite is a 19th century English law which prohibits ladies from eating chocolate on public transport. I might struggle to get a policeman interested in the case, but it seems I am well within the law if I decide to steal a Mars Bar from a female passenger. After all, she’s a lawbreaker!

However, we’ve managed to find a collection of unusual traffic laws, which although we might find them hilarious, could land you in serious hot water if you’re caught violating one!

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Rhode Island, USA – No beer allowed!

No beer while driving. Sounds simple enough right? Actually, the law in Rhode Island is a little more specific when it comes to mixing beer with driving!

This is a tricky one if you’re planning on picking up a few beers with your grocery shopping. In the town of Scituate in Rhode Island, if you’re caught driving with beer in your car – that includes any of the amber brew that’s sealed in bottles and cans – you’ll be in serious trouble with the law. Best take the bus if you’re planning on stocking up!

Cyprus – No drinking and driving.

Again, seems like a straightforward law, which has been enforced throughout the world for the safety of road users.

However, you’d be wrong to assume the legislators behind this Cypriot law were referring to alcohol when they banned drinking and driving. Bizarrely, in a country with an average summer temperature hovering somewhere in the high thirties, it is illegal to drink anything whilst driving.  If you happen to be driving in this Mediterranean jewel in the summer months, best pull over to take a sip of your water.

Spain –  Carry a spare

It’s common sense to carry a spare tyre in your car, should you be unlucky enough to encounter a puncture. However, if you’re driving in Spain, you’ll need to carry another essential spare. If you wear prescription glasses, Spanish law requires you to carry two pairs with you… just in case.

This is a particularly important one for tourists to remember. If you’re planning on hiring a car during your trip, remember to pack spare glasses in your handbag or you could be in a sticky situation with the Guardia! Check out the deals on car hire in Spain at Economy Car Hire. They include multiple drivers in the price of their car hire, so you can let one of your party with 20/20 vision take the wheel, should you lose your glasses!

South Africa – A permanent safari

You may not have taken a trip to the South Africa to admire the local wildlife, but if a member of the animal kingdom should happen to step out into the road, you’d better slam the breaks on. In the African nation, animals enjoy right of way and anyone disobeying this could be met with a hefty fine. You can find more tips about safe driving in South Africa here, at the Automobile Association of South Africa.

Alaska – Use of your roof rack

Roof racks are a great addition to a vehicle and are perfect for storing bulky items like bicycles and luggage.

However, legislators in Alaska felt it necessary to be specific about what you can carry on top of your car and deemed it especially important to emphasise that tethering a dog to the roof is a no-go. Show man’s best friend some respect and keep him cosy inside of the car. It’s also worth investing in a doggy seatbelt, available online from Pets At Home. As well as keeping a dog safe, a seatbelt will stop them from roaming around the car while you’re driving – perhaps the reason why you decided to strap them to the roof in the first place?

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