Thread Plug Gauges – Basics

Thread Plug Gauges – Basics

What are Thread Plug Gauges?

Thread Plug Gauges is an inspection tool which can be used to check a part or workpiece against allowed tolerances. This gauges has two tests which the part need to pass the first of the tests and fail for the second test. That is the reason why this inspection tools are also called Go/no go gauges.

Why Thread Plug Gauges are needed?

Thread Plug Gauges are used to inspect or check are some part or workpiece interchangeable with other similar parts. It is quality process where this gauges are a must. The Thread Plug Gauge is not measuring the size but it is measuring the state of the part. This mean a part can pass the test and can be accepted or can fail the test and in this case the workpiece or the part must be rejected.

How do I know if my Thread Plug Gauge is worn or damaged?

Many times we can damage or drop some of our equipment or tools and worry are they fit for work. The same apply to Thread Plug Gauges. The best test we can do if we keep a few parts which passed our tests before and one or two parts which did not pass our test. When we like to check our thread plug gauge we just need to use this parts or workpieces and check again. If they show the same result as before (when our thread plug gauge was new) then it is not damaged or worn.

I hope this article was useful for everybody who is using thread plug gauges in his daily work. This tip was passed to me from the guy who is using NPSF Thread Plug Gages on a daily bases.

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