The Scion FR-S Basks in the Auto World Accolades

The Scion FR-S Basks in the Auto World Accolades

Since Toyota introduce its quirky subsidiary brand, Scion, in 2003 it has mainly been known for its small, box-shaped hatchbacks, including the xA, xB, xD and more recently, the super compact iQ. For the most part Scion has been popular with the younger generation of car buyers who are often looking for a more unique style at a price they can afford. However, earlier this year, the company decided to step out of that box-shaped, hatchback mold when it introduced the Scion FR-S.

Recognition Abounds

There is nothing boxy or hatchback-y about the FR-S. It’s a sports car, through and through. Since the FR-S hit the scene this spring it has taken the sport scar market by storm and it continues to win all kinds of praise from all kinds of places. The following are just a few examples of the awards and acclaim the FR-S has already received:

FR-S Chosen as one of the 10 Best Cars of 2013

Late last year the FR-S was named as one of Car and Driver’s, “10Best” cars of 2013. Each year the magazine highlights the best cars for under $80,000, which are available on showroom floors in January. When Scion introduced the FR-S it immediately received positive industry reviews and generated lots of consumer excitement.

Scion FR-S Named 2013 All-Star

Meanwhile, the Scion FR-S was also named a 2013 AUTOMOBILE Magazine All-Star. In order to achieve this high praise, industry judges compared the FR-S against all current model year vehicles on sale in the U.S. across every category available. Among the impressive features mentioned by the magazine were the FR-S’s engaging driving experience and its accessibility. The president and editor-in-chief of the magazine also noted that the FR-S was fun to drive and that it is the kind of vehicle that the industry has been waiting for from Scion.

Scion FR-S Named Best Sports Car for the Money

The FR-S was able to garner another impressive accolade and this one wasn’t even from a car magazine. U.S. News & World Report named the FR-S the Best Sports Car for the Money for 2013. The publication chooses a winner for this award each year as it compares vehicles from 21 different categories for quality, value and critical acclaim. The Judges from U.S. News & World Report looked at the FR-S safety record, reliability and opinion from industry experts to evaluate the sports coupe. Price was certainly a part of the equation for this award as was the expected five-year total cost of ownership. The FR-S costs $25,255 MSRP with a six-speed manual transmission or $26,355 MSRP with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Scion FR-S Wins Best of 2013 Award

Last but not least, recognized the FR-S as the winner of its Best of 2013 award. announced the award at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Scion FR-S competed against every new and redesigned vehicle for 2013 in order to earn the Best of 2013 overall award. The judges recognized the FR-S for its overall driving experience and its affordability compared to all other categories. The FR-S also took home the prize for the best sports car, then it added to its acclaim by beating out all the other competitors in the rest of the categories, including the best SUV, midsize sedan, luxury sedan, pickup and hybrid to take home the overall prize.

See for Yourself

Clearly, the automobile industry experts like the Scion FR-S. If you haven’t already checked out the FR-S for yourself, then maybe it’s time you took a closer look for yourself to see what the experts are raving about. The Scion FR-S is clearly a winner and there’s no question that Scion has thought outside of the box with this sports car.

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