Smart Driving Tips to Save Money

Smart Driving Tips to Save Money

The cost of driving is high. In addition to the obvious expense of fuel, you also have to cover the wear and tear, regular repairs and car insurance. The good news is that there are ways to make driving more affordable, and most of it starts with your own driving habits. Follow these tips to lower your risk of accidents, reduce the wear on your car and even save on petrol.

Easy on the Brakes

When you’re coming up on a traffic circle, let the car coast to slow it down. Apply the brakes as necessary, but avoid waiting until the last minute and then braking hard. Taking it easy on the brakes is a smart driving change. It reduces the wear on your brakes, and that helps you save money at the mechanic. You’re more likely to avoid accidents when you allow yourself plenty of time to stop. Also, you’re more likely to cost up to the intersection rather than having to alternate between the accelerator and brake as you wait your turn.

Gentle Acceleration

Higher cruising speeds require more fuel, and you may be fine with spending a little more to arrive at your destination on time. However, you can save by working your way up to that top speed at a slower, more steady pace. Having a heavy foot on the accelerator leads to more accidents as you focus more on the top speed rather than the cars around you. It also leads to more repairs as it forces the car to strain. Finally, it eats up a great deal more petrol. Ironically, you won’t necessarily arrive at your final destination any faster for taking the jackrabbit starts. You can still cruise along at the desired speed, but go easy on the acceleration when you’re first starting.

Set the Cruise

Cruise control spares your leg and makes the drive more economical. Once you reach your desired highway speed, set the cruise control. Try to set the cruise when you’re going down a slight incline and the engine is at lower RPMs to maximize fuel usage and save even more.

Keep up with Regular Maintenance

Properly inflated tires, fresh air filters and a solid alignment all work together to increase your mileage ratings. In addition to helping you use less gas on your regular trips, it’s also great preventive maintenance for the car. Your tires will last longer. With maximum air flow, your car won’t struggle as much. You’ll have fewer repairs in the future and benefit from the long-term savings. Invest in annual tune-ups to further improve fuel mileage and make driving more affordable.

Keep the Car Clean

A dirty car may be an eyesore, but a full car is costing you more at the petrol station. Take the time to remove extra items from the cargo areas of your car. The less your car weighs, the more affordable your next drive will be. The reduced weight is also better for your car’s suspension in the long run.

Follow these tips to improve gas mileage ratings and save money. In addition to saving today, you’ll also save in the future with fewer repairs and more affordable maintenance costs. Start embracing these smart driving habits today to reap the benefits immediately.

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