How frequently should you service your 4WD

How frequently should you service your 4WD

Although four wheel drive vehicles are manufactured for rugged conditions, people should not be fooled into thinking that they need less care. In fact, proper maintenance of a four wheel drive is vital in order to prevent costly breakdowns. It can also be the main difference between staying longer on the road and spending lots of time at the repair shop.

A Not-So-Ordinary Vehicle

A four wheel drive vehicle often requires more than just standard service. This is especially true ifpeople have been out bush bashing. If they have been through creeks and rivers of if they plan to, it is vital to carefully assess the tail shafts and the wheel bearings at each service in order to avoid any sort of costly repair.

An expensive four wheel drive repair often happens when damage from dust and muddy water gets into those components. If people carry heavy loads in their vehicle, they can experience sagging springs that could ultimately lead to chassis damage.

The Importance of Regular Service

It is no secret that regular maintenance of a four wheel drive will surely extend the life of the engine and save people from expensive repairs down the road. Full service is often recommended every 5,000 miles. If people use their vehicles in the outback or have much higher mileage, it is often a good idea to supplement full service with an interim inspection once every six months.

It is always a bad idea for a person to not have their four wheel drive serviced regularly both in the short and long term. A properly maintained four wheel drive is not only fuel efficient but will also be more reliable and safer as faults often come on lightly at an early stage.

Aside from that, it will also help limit the amount of tear and wear that the four wheel drive will be experiencing. This ultimately assists the owner in maintaining its value until the time has come to sell it. A four wheel drive that has a full service history will often attract higher prices and more buyers.

What a Service Includes

People often believe that there is a standard service for every four wheel drive on the road. However, this is often not the case. Service varies widely and frequently depends on the model and make of the four wheel drive. Along with its servicing requirements, people should always bear in mind to ask for extras that are not found in their four wheel drive handbook such as when to replace the brake fluid.

As a general rule, the service should contain the routine lubrication of all catches and hinges, working parts, oil filter change, oil change, a new fuel filter and spark plugs. Aside from that, a garage should perform safety checks on the vehicle’s suspension, steering, tyres and ball joints while making sure that the lights are in good working order, the fluid levels and fan belt tension are correct and there are no leaks whatsoever. Finally, the differential should be regularly checked by an expert such as Diff Lapping QLD.

Written by Blake Cunningham

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