Hand Tool Calibration & Repair

Hand Tool Calibration & Repair

Every hardworking person knows how important tools are. When we start with our business as repair man or technical service provider we need a specific tools in order to finish our job in a fast, high quality and professional manner. Many people who are using tools in their every day job knows that tools always need to be properly calibrated. To achieve this we need Hand Tool Calibration & Repair service from the proper tool calibration and repair service provider.Knowing all this we need to be very careful when choosing our tool calibration and repair service provider, because this is essential for our business. When we chose we need to have in mind that our service provider needs to have several different labs to fulfill all our requirements. This include but it is not limited to:

1. Hard gage calibration lab – In this lab we can had services – calibrating for many different types of gages  as: thread plug gages, thread ring gages, blocks, thread measuring wires, plug gages, cylindrical rings, master discs, gage blocks, tapered cylindrical gages and several other more or less specialized services.

2. A dimensional inspection lab which is specialized in performing dimensional inspections,

3. An electronic calibration lab – Used for calibration of many different types of electronic equipment such digital multimeters, function generators and many more,

4. Hand tool calibration & repair lab takes care for tool types such as pitch micrometers, indicator calibrators, dial snap gages, etc…

5. Field service technicians group can visit your business and perform calibrations on your hard gages, electronics, hand tools and other expensive equipment which you do not like to ship for safety reasons or you have a lot of business in that specific period and you can not have any downtime your company may experience by sending them out.

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